Published On: Fri, Jun 16th, 2017

Great News for Bengalureans as Domestic Airport to Come Up in Hosur

Great News for Bengalureans as Domestic Airport to Come Up in Hosur: -Bengalureans living in the south-east part of the city (Electronics City) and surrounding areas can soon have faster access to an airport as Tamil Nadu has offered to open up Hosur Air Station at Belagondapali village, Thally Road for the people of its neighbouring state.

The airport is spread over 248 acres and the runway length is 2168 m (KIA runway is 4,000 m long but a runway length of 2,000 m is more than adequate for most commercial airliners, except for wide-bodied aircraft).

The Hosur airport is around 35 km from Electronics City and takes around 30 minutes to reach compared to Kempegowda International Airport which is around 80 km away and takes at least 2 hours on a good day during non-peak hours. Add to that over Rs 1,500 that taxis charge to get E-Citizens to the airport.

Last week, the Centre approved the commercial airline’s operations from this airfield under the Centre’s UDAN (Ude Desh Ka Aam Naagrik) scheme and they also passed the agreement in the Cabinet. Hosur airport is now ready to take off. Balakrishna Reddy P, MLA from Hosur constituency and Minister of Animal Husbandry and Welfare in the Tamil Nadu government said.

People living in southeast Bengaluru will be able to reach Delhi or Mumbai sooner than reaching Kempegowda International Airport.

Successive governments and civic agencies have been thinking up fantastical and futuristic solutions (underground tunnel to the airport; now-junked steel flyover; pod taxis as Metro feeders etc) instead of incremental changes that could tackle the terrible traffic problem (removing structural bottlenecks and not letting roads to be used as parking lots etc.).

The Tamil Nadu government signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Civil Aviation (MoCA) last week to start low-cost air services from Hosur airport. It said that TruJet, a Hyderabad-based airline, is expected to mount flights from the airport soon. Currently, TruJet connects Bengaluru with Hyderabad, Rajahmundry, Tirupati, Vijayawada, and Goa.

The airport at Hosur Road is maintained by Taneja Aerospace and Aviation Ltd (TAAL) and is a private airfield.

Elaborating on the airport, Reddy said that this is a great opportunity for the people of Bengaluru, particular residents of Electronics City. They have many buses connecting (Bengaluru) to Chennai and Salem, but the airport will ease travel plans of people.

This first phase of implementation of the Centre’s UDAN scheme will promote regional air connectivity. Not just that, more employment opportunities will lead to the growth of trade and industry in the area and the overall socio-economic status of people will improve. This will also pave the way for more connections between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

As if in anticipation of the busloads of people expected to reach Thally, world-class roads have been laid around the airport. Also, roads from areas like Chandapura, Attibele etc which join Hosur Road are in really good nick and will provide fast and smooth connectivity to the TAAL airfield.

Already, the area surrounding the airport is getting a facelift. The airport will connect Salem and Neyveli and improve the transport facilities in the stretch. They still need to think of other modes of transport systems in Hosur which will serve as feeder services.

But if everything falls into place, E-Citizens could be flying over gridlocked Bengaluru faster than they can say “Silk Board”.

This airport is capable of handling Airbus A320s and Boeing 737s. Its hangars can accommodate only narrow body aircraft as of now.

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