₹5,476-crore package to help weaker section in Maharashtra: Thackeray -

₹5,476-crore package to help weaker section in Maharashtra: Thackeray

While imposing stringent restrictions in the state to break the chain of coronavirus, Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray on Tuesday announced a relief package of 5,476 crore to provide relief to the economically weaker sections.

These strict restrictions will be in force in the state from Wednesday, April 14, 2021, from 8 pm to May 1, 2021, and there will be a complete curfew during this period.

Only the necessary services will continue.

“Strict restrictions are being implemented in the state as a result of the need to reduce the number of patients. But during this period, it has been decided to provide food and financial assistance to the economically weaker sections,” the CM said today, adding that financial assistance will be provided to the economically weaker sections below the poverty line families, women, senior citizens, widows, disabled, unorganized citizens, workers, rickshaw pullers and tribal community.

For this, financial assistance will be provided to the beneficiaries through Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Protection Department, Social Justice and Special Assistance Department, Industry-Energy and Labor Department, Urban Development Department and Tribal Development Department.

Some of these include:

Free food grains for one month

Food Security Scheme Beneficiaries Under the free foodgrain scheme, about 7 crore beneficiaries in the state will be given free food grains like 3 kg wheat and 2 kg rice per person per month.

Shivbhojan plate free

One-month Shivbhojan Thali will be given free to the needy from Shivbhojan Yojana in the state. It is planned to give about two lakh plates.

Financial assistance to pension scheme beneficiaries

About 35 lakh beneficiaries of Sanjay Gandhi Niradhar Yojana, Shravanbal and Centrally Sponsored Indira Gandhi National Old Age Retirement Scheme, Indira Gandhi National Widow Retirement Scheme, Indira Gandhi National Disability Retirement Scheme, 10,00 will be given.

Grants to construction workers

Under the Registered Construction Workers Welfare Scheme, from the funds of Maharashtra Building and Other Workers Welfare Board, a grant of 1500 apart from this, a huge fund has been provided for various welfare assistance for 25 lakh domestic workers in the state.

Financial assistance to peddlers

About five lakh peddlers in the state will be given financial assistance of fifteen hundred rupees each. This amount will be directly credited to the peddler’s bank account. Twelve lakh rickshaw pullers in the state will also be given financial assistance of 1,500 each.

Assistance to tribal families

About 12 lakh tribal families benefiting from the Khawati scheme of the Tribal Development Department will get financial assistance of 2,000 per family.

Facility erection on covid

Apart from this, a provision of about Rs. 3,300 crore has been made for the management of the lockout period at the district level. Out of this, the funds will be given to the concerned districts for medical treatment, equipment, facility building, and other arrangements on Kovid.

Apart from this, taxes, fees, and other dues due to local bodies and state governments, and other government bodies are being allowed to be paid interest-free for the two months of April and May.

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