3M India’s Tech Connect Event

3M India’s Tech Connect Event Showcases World-class Urban Infrastructure Technology making Indian cities smarter

  *   500+ patented products displayed across 15 divisions

  *   50+ products displayed for Smart City projects

  *   5 projects already under implementation across 5 cities

The Government of India under Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has a vision of developing 100 smart cities as satellite towns of larger cities and to modernise the existing mid-sized cities. This is a major step towards Digital India and it encompasses aspects of transportation, connected healthcare, wireless hotspots and smart energy grids. 3M India has a lot to offer when it comes to transforming India’s existing cities into smart cities and in the country’s drive towards modernization of urban spaces.

Displayed at the Tech Connect event were the technologies that 3M India offers and aims to shoulder Indian government’s drive for a better and smarter India.

Features of Smart Variable Sign Boards

  *   Real-time and automated traffic updates

  *   Estimated Journey time

  *   Live congestion updates

  *   Alternate optimal routes

  *   Live weather updates

  *   Live air quality updates

  *   Emergency information

  *   Real time parking information

  *   Safety messages

Variable Messaging Sign Boards: 3M’s Smart Variable Messaging Sign solution provides real time and automated traffic updates, journey time, live congestion updates for important.

junctions and also intelligently suggests alternate optimal routes for road users to reach their destination sooner and safer. The 3M Smart Variable Messaging Sign solution also provides live weather updates, live air quality updates, and serves as a single window medium for dispatching emergency information to citizens across government agencies like Police, Fire, Ambulance, high way patrol etc. The system is also designed to intelligently pick up information from road side sensors to provide real time parking information to commuters. This was deployed in Bangalore during the Aero Show, in Assam during the Brahmaputra river festival and many other cities as well which won many accolades from traffic authorities and commuters.

3M™ Solar Raised Pavement Marker: A sustainable solution for road safety, the innovative full plastic body 3M solar raised pavement marker is designed with several unique features resulting in superior performance and increased run time. This is designed with several unique features resulting in superior performance and increased run time. Solar Raised Pavement Marker (RPM) utilizes the sun’s energy to power a ‘ring’ of light that offers warning on medians during night driving. 3M Light Management Technology ensures uniform light through the ring, while the raised profile of the RPM offers tactile feedback to deliver passive safety.

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