Advantages Of Pre - Fabricated Construction by N. Kalayanaraman -

Advantages Of Pre – Fabricated Construction by N. Kalayanaraman

Advantages Of Pre – Fabricated Construction by N. Kalayanaraman – COO, Navin’s

Manufacturing the various components of a Building or house in the factory and transporting to the construction site and assembling as per design is known as Pre – Fabricated construction.

Advantages Of Pre - Fabricated Construction by N. Kalayanaraman
N. Kalayanaraman – COO, Navin’s

Benefits: Time taken to construct a building using Prefabrication construction technology is very less when compared to traditional construction. Less labours are involved when compared to the traditional construction method. Since it is factory made we can ensure consistent quality throughout the structure and we can have more quality control. Since all components are manufactured in the factory the wastage of material is very minimal when compared to the traditional method of construction. The prefabrication construction method is used where there is less space for material storage. Prefabrication is widely used for Bridges, tunnels and other infrastructures. For projects which is of very big size and to be completed in a short time, Prefabrication construction technology is the only option.

Current Scenario of Pre – Fabricated Construction in India:
Though there are more advantages in using Pre – Fabricated construction technology, in India this industry has not gained popularity. So far there are no proper standards set in India. The knowledge about prefabrication construction is very limited in India. Since there is a huge demand for affordable housing in India, the Government has taken the initiative to use prefabricated construction technology for affordable housing. Earlier mostly Pre-Fabricated constructions are used only for constructing Infrastructures like bridges and commercial buildings. Pre – Fabrication industry is very limited in India thus the cost for low and medium size project is high. Modern technology in Pre Fabrication and latest technology is not available in India.

Challenges faced by Builders:
Very difficult to find Engineers with sound knowledge of Precast technology. Since very less manufacturing companies are available and because of the less competition, it is very difficult to get competitive rates and thus the building construction cost is high. Since it is prefabricated, later customization is very difficult in housing projects. Prefabrication technology is not well received by the home buyers especially in Housing projects, builders find major challenge in joining the fabricated component parts. Difficult to adopt this technology for smaller buildings. Since the manufacturing units are only a few and it is also located far away from the projects, the transportation cost in bringing the component from the manufacturing unit is high, this increases the cost of the project.

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