Ahlada Engineers Limited is Bullish on Growth in Infrastructure Space in India -

Ahlada Engineers Limited is Bullish on Growth in Infrastructure Space in India

Ahlada Engineers Limited is a Hyderabad based manufacturer of steel doors and windows (steel-frame) and they cater to customers across various segments and industries. The Company was incorporated in the year 2005 and promoted by Suresh Mohan Reddy, a first generation engineer entrepreneur, and his colleagues. Traditionally the company was in the business of manufacturing cleanroom equipment and furniture, partitions, doors and windows using stainless steel and galvanized steel. It ventured into the manufacturing of steel doors and windows for the commercial sector in 2008 and thereafter residential doors in 2013. The company has its facilities spread across 3 manufacturing units in addition to one assembling unit and stockyard, with an area measuring 34,211 square yards on the outskirts of Hyderabad.

Chedepudi Suresh Mohan Reddy, Managing Director, Ahlada Engineers Limited

We, at Infrabuddy, are in talks with Mr Chedepudi Suresh Mohan Reddy, Managing Director and Company spokesperson of Ahlada Engineers Limited. He holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering (mechanical) from University of Mysore. In the past, he has worked with M/s Nova Pan India Limited as a trainee engineer and with SAB NIFE Power Systems Limited. He is experienced in the areas of cost control, production and finance. He is responsible for the overall in-charge of the Company and controls and oversees the manufacturing and related line functions of the Company. He has been instrumental in signing up with Tata Steel Limited for the supply of doors and has been associated with the Company in the capacity of a director since its incorporation in 2005.

Following is his interaction with Infrabuddy :

1. How is Ahlada scaling up the quality of their manufactured products with time? Any new launches in mind?

Our company has a dedicated R&D team that works on product improvisation and innovation. For our flagship wooden products, the quality finish of our products makes the key differentiation from its competitors and we use the material and machines that are customised for us by the supplier. We continuously improve our technology and upgrade our machines for producing the best quality products. Few types of doors and windows are in prototype stage and will be launched soon once the ramp up is done

2. After 5 years from now, where will be Ahlada compared to its present position in the Indian Market?

Embossed with wood grain decorative finish door
Plain Wood grain decorative finish door

Growth in infrastructure space in India and with the consumers’ preferences shifting gradually towards non-conventional doors and windows augur very well for us. Our relationship with Tata steel and our confidence in a few new products which we are designing, when launched will consolidate our leadership position in this space.

3. A number of competitors have already started popping up their heads in the same space. What is the strategy of Ahlada to survive such fierce competition?

We started manufacturing wood finish doors in 2013 and competitors have started venturing into this space only recently. However, we are good five years ahead of the competition and we will keep maintaining our edge in technology, choice of material and understanding of the market. Continuous product innovation and modern launches are incorporated into our strategy to keep ourselves ahead of the competition. We believe that the product fit and finish that we are delivering at competitive prices is difficult to replicate.

4. Ikea has managed to make entry into the Indian market and has already created a hype among the customers. How is Ahlada innovating its products to combat its foreign counterparts?

Fly mesh with Embossed wood finish door
Acoustic doors Uses – Multiplexes – Operation theatres – Auditoriums

Our understanding of local market and the taste and preferences of consumers coupled with a well-established service team supported by the connect and reach of TSL network provide us with an enviable edge, which for any foreign player is difficult to replicate.

5. How does Ahlada take help of Technology to come up with the best quality doors and windows?

Ch. Suresh Mohan is a mechanical engineer himself and takes a strong interest in shop-floor management. He travels across to meet equipment manufacturers and the machinery we use is scientifically designed and custom made to ensure maximum productivity. Ahlada prefers to be ahead of the curve when it comes to implementing technology and latest machinery.

Fixed Windows – Single / Double glazed fixed windows

6. Which states(or state) are(is) recording the highest growth in terms of purchase of doors and windows for commercial purpose?

Telangana and AP, the two new states are fast growing. These regions have a large number of existing and upcoming pharma and other industries which consume a lot of doors. Andhra Pradesh is a growing market as there is a massive thrust on building infrastructure in the capital city and attracting investments in other cities. Tamil Nadu and Karnataka too are good markets with plenty of organised real estate projects and booming IT/ITES companies.

7. Your website claims that you are the No.1 players in this space. What key qualities separate you from your competitors?

Obsession with quality, passion towards innovation and continuous product improvement are the qualities that set us apart from the competition.

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