Kirby’s Project Study : Alston Bharat Forge’s New Production Facility of Turbines and Generators

Alstom Bharat Forge Power India Pvt Ltd. (ABFIPL), the joint venture between Alstom, France’s leading rail-transport company and Kalyani Group’s Bharat Forge is establishing one of the most extensive integrated manufacturing facilities of power equipment – turbines, generators and other essentials required for supercritical power plants. This project is first of its type for Kirby Building Systems India Pvt. Ltd (Kirby India), which has leveraged its brand name in making an entry in the high voltage Indian Power & Power Equipment sector that mostly uses Structural Steel for their building purpose.

Alstom Bharat Forge Power India Pvt Ltd.

The project involves more than 6,800 MT of steel, sprawling over an area of 39,110 sqm. Kirby India was selected for constructing their factory building after a strict evaluation process that involved clearances from all the departments. The company successfully acquired this project in spite of cut-throat competition and was selected among all the renowned PEB vendors based on its expertise of handling an extensive range of projects across India. This project further strengthens Kirby India’s boldness in aiding the country’s infrastructure growth and construct a perfect roadmap for other players in the industry to cement their presence in the high potential power and power equipment sector.

Buildings are entirely re-engineered and re-structured as the original project of 16,000 MT at other location near Mundra, Gujarat, was cancelled by the client due to a change in policy by the government that led to a change in the location and reduction of order size. Supply of over 3,000 MT to the original site was brought back to our facility, and more than 90% of the same material was re-engineered and re-modified with some minor modifications as per the new scope of the project and sent across to the new location. This shows how PEB is modular and flexible and this project is an exemplary example of this.

500 MT EOT Crane installed on Kirby Structure

Key Highlights

  • It is the most substantial building constructed by any PEB player with 500 MT EOT crane installed on the structure.
  • The building is structurally asymmetrical and consists of massive columns which are approximately 1.8 m wide.
  • The building includes EOT cranes in each of the bay – two 20 MT in Stator Bay, two 150 MT in Machine Shop, one 200 MT in Rotor Shop and one 500 MT crane in Generator Shop which is the major highlight of this project.
  • This is for the first time in country’s history that such a heavy crane of 500 MT is being installed on a PEB structure. Kirby India being an esteemed player in the PEB industry has once again accepted the challenge and the lead of designing the structure to hold this 500 MT EOT crane on its building which is successfully tested and is made fully operational.

This factory is designed by Kirby India as per IS 800 standards and is divided into four bays – Stator Bay, Generator Shop, Rotor Shop and Machine Shop. The building is asymmetrical in design with a height of 26 m and consists of very heavy column sections which are 1.8 m wide. The structure consists of EOT cranes in each of the bay – two numbers of 20 MT in Stator Bay, two numbers of 150 MT in Machine Shop, one number of 200 MT in Rotor Shop and one no of 500 MT crane in Generator Shop. This is for the first time in country’s history that such a heavy crane is being installed in a PEB and Kirby India being a leader in the PEB industry has once again taken this lead and installed this 500 MT EOT crane on its building.  This signifies that Kirby India has the capability of handling any PEB project with varying sizes of buildings and enter uncharted areas thereby making channels for other PEB players to enter the market and broaden the scope for the industry.

Inside View

This 500 MT crane is installed at the height of 19 meters, and there are separate columns provided for this crane apart from the columns for the building. This crane is supported on tapered shaped crane beam which weighs more than 50 MT, length of 24 m and depth of 4.5 m. The supporting columns are provided with 350 diameter pipe bracings that support the transfer of crane load to the foundation. The crane is powered with handrails, chequered plates and walkways.

The building is covered with double-skin Kirby Wall profile and double-skin Kirby Standing Seam roofing profile. The roof is further facilitated with 50 mm thick Rockwool insulation to regulate the heat and other roofing accessories such as polycarbonate sheet, roof curbs, turbo ventilators, etc.

Outside View

The entire structure was designed in-house with the help of energy-efficient processes and systems. Successful accomplishment of this project enabled the organization to make an exhibition of its engineering, manufacturing and execution capabilities. All these types of projects whether big or small require not only advanced design but also an excellent project management team which operates right from the initiation of the project to its completion. Kirby India is efficient in manufacturing complex structures, supplied with very heavy sections that require a skilled workforce to abide by the stringent welding and quality guidelines.

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