More Automated Form of Construction Will Soon be The Need -

More Automated Form of Construction Will Soon be The Need

Vineet Kashyap, MD, B L Kashyap & Sons Limited

During scheduled interaction with Team – INFRABUDDY, Vineet Kashyap answers some of the questions thrown at him regarding the latest forms of construction used in construction process and how the adoption of technology would help construction sector.

Q. BLK has been adopting newer construction technologies and bringing in innovation. Please elaborate on this; some case studies can be added to explain the use of new technology.

A: BLK has slowly been encouraging our clients to move towards a more automated form of construction anticipating the reduction and inefficiency in unskilled and skilled labourers across the country. One such technology that BLK is a first in India in terms of scale and delivery volume is in Composite Structures that is a mix of Structural Steel Section Columns, Beams along with a Deck Sheet Slab encased in high grade concrete and fire resistant paint. Currently we have had the privilege of constructing 28.36 Lakhs Sq ft with a Leader in the Real Estate Space Embassy Group at Bangalore with our Structural Design. Out of this 28.36 Lakh Sqft 18.36 Lakh Sqft includes superstructures of 12 blocks of different sizes from G+1/10. We have successfully completed the project in 9 months and have handed over the first lot of blocks to the client. Besides for this BLK is actively executing projects with different forms of formwork like Mivan, Table form etc, where the aim is to reduce the manpower component and increase the mechanical component as we can control our mechanical efficiency. We as a group strive to encourage our engineers to be leaders in R&D, another expertise of the group is in concrete in North India through our labs we have successful field tested concrete of the highest grades in North India from M80 M90 and M100 and have provided our design mixes to other groups for execution. 

Q. BLK does turnkey projects of diverse functionality; Tech Parks, Hospitals, Hotels etc. How do the process and approach change from one project to another? How is the collaboration between the client, architects and BLK?

A: BLK treats each project as a separate learning experience, this attitude makes our engineering team plan each project from the ground up not taking repetition of similar projects for granted. One of the critical areas we plan in advance is material procurement and negotiations with vendors for material looking at the time lines and the regions. Our collaboration with clients, architects are always as a stakeholder where we have been entrusted to execute the building with the vision of the architect and the requirements of the client. We prefer collaboration where information and transparency is encouraged from all stakeholders, which in effect fosters an environment for value engineering. We believe in satisfying our clients and as our testament most of our clients our repeat.

Q. What are the project management processes you are following? Adoption of technology is now very much needed not only in construction but in management too.

A: We have been an industry case study for ERP from Quadra to MS Dynamics. We have been successfully been able to implement this and are currently upgrading to the latest version of MS Dynamics. All our transactions our mapped through our ERP for every department from H.R to Purchase with different levels of authorizations and structures in place. At any given time management can pull out data and make decisions based on hard facts. Along with this we have a constant endeavor to find new technology that would bring further clarity to the huge volumes of soft and hard data we tend to generate during the life of a project. Currently we at BLK are looking at new technology for Data Backup Management.

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