BIM Technology Adopted by Architects spoke to Scott Knox, Architect of Honeycomb Village, this village is designed in a form of modular housing design that helps people step out of no/low quality housing towards permanent homes. Scott informed about the current market trends in India and other points –

Current trend in the market in architecture-

This market in India is untapped because developers, governments, and other interests are focused mostly on high profit, exclusive residential construction because the high margins afford them time. The financialization of housing is a Global problem (citation) but is prevalent throughout Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities in India.

Technology used maximum-  

Forward thinking architects and engineers are adopting Building Information Models (BIM)

Dream of housing for all will be a reality-

It could easily become a reality for visionaries who look at the big picture and focus on the means to the end. Graph and corruption have no place in Honeycomb Village. If the payola is tolerated the cost of HV will exceed the means of very people whose livelihood they are promoting. The cycle of greasing palms is so important in the Indian Mindset that our greatest challenge is not those in poverty.

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