BMC’s Road Budget may go up by Rs 100 crore

For the first time, the roads department of the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) budget provision was slashed by Rs 1,000 crore earlier, after various controversy exposed the corruption in the department. However, according to a senior civic official from roads department in this new fiscal year budget which is expected to be presented by February first week, the budget provision is likely to be increased by Rs 100 crore, as per news reports.

The roads department budget for year 2017-18 was Rs. 1078 crore and prior year 2016-17 was Rs. 2886 crore.

The civic official added out of the increased budget provision Rs. 4 crore would be spent on upgradation of Worli Asphalt plant. Earlier BMC procured imported mixture from Israel and Austria to fix city potholes. However, now with the up-gradation of asphalt plant every day 40 metric tonnes of the same type of mixture will be produced. The mixture will be used to fill potholes and also to resurface roads.

Following good result received from the imported mixture used to fill potholes and procured from these two countries, BMC started experimenting with it so it can produce by themselves. Hence, a private dealer has a patent which will be taken by BMC after signing an agreement with him and thereafter the material or the mixture will be produced in the Worli plant by this year itself. Previous monsoon BMC purchased 30 tonnes of the Indian made mixture from this private vendor and the results were good, therefore, instead of purchasing the same quality material it will be made in the civic asphalt plant only added the official.

Meanwhile, across Mumbai, there are total 630 roads which are to be repaired and resurfaced. 514 roads are spillover work which could not be completed before the monsoon, and therefore it is expected to be complete by May 15, 2018, while the priority II project includes 116 roads which are expected to be complete by March.

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