CEA CEEW Launch Renewable Dashboard For Detailed Operational Info On RE Projects In India -

CEA CEEW Launch Renewable Dashboard For Detailed Operational Info On RE Projects In India

The Central Electricity Authority (CEA) and CEEW’s Centre for Energy Finance (CEEW-CEF) on Wednesday launched the India Renewables Dashboard.

The dashboard is a joint effort to provide detailed operational information on renewable energy (RE) projects in India, according to a statement.

This information on dashboard is freely available to policymakers, developers, financiers, and the public.

It was launched by Sandesh Kumar Sharma, member (planning) of CEA, the statement added.

The dashboard, supported by the Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation, captures daily generation data at the state, regional and national levels for the aggregate 93 gigawatts (GW) of installed RE capacity in India.

It also captures this data at a plant level for a subset of projects.

Previously, such data required manual aggregation and was not easily accessible. The India Renewables Dashboard addresses this challenge by automating the process of updating daily RE generation.

Further, users can download the data in multiple formats and conduct their own bespoke analyses. This will allow them to gain invaluable insights for improving project implementation, infrastructure planning and power generation forecasting in the renewables sector.

According to the India Renewables Dashboard, India’s solar power generation on April 20, 2021, was 172.3 million kWh and its total wind power generation on the same day was 168.3 million kWh. This represented a combined 8.3 per cent share for the two sources in total electricity generation on that day.

The highest daily generation figures recorded in the past 12 months for solar and wind are 216.5 million kWh and 444.5 million kWh, respectively. 


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