Chinese hackers are still targetting one Indian port, India News News -

Chinese hackers are still targetting one Indian port, India News News

Chinese state-sponsored hackers have at least one connection still open into the network system of an Indian port.

A report in Bloomberg, citing United States-based cyber security firm Recorded Future, reported on Wednesday that a China-linked group was targetting India’s power sector through an exchange of traffic, between itself and the Indian port. 

Recorded Future had first notified India about this breach on February 10, identifying 10 Indian power sector organisations and two ports as being targetted.

They believe these are Chinese state-sponsored attacks. And give two reasons to support it. 

Firstly, it was India’s critical infrastructure. And there’s only one country who would want to cripple it.

And secondly, they’ve spotted a pattern. These hackers use the same infrastructure that the Chinese government does. 

To this end, India says none of its critical infrastructure was compromised.

However, according to Recorded Future, more such attacks cannot be ruled out.

They on Thursday said such attacks by Chinese hackers could continue this year.

Cyber ops is now very much a part of China’s arsenal. And Beijing wants to use technology to further its strategic goals.


Silence is definitely not one of India’s options.

Experts behind this assessment say such attacks are now happening on a daily basis. And silence of the governments will only embolden countries like China.

Transparency will win here.

Microsoft has also said that it caught China hacking. And yet again it’s a “state sponsored group operating out of China”.

What were they doing?

These Chinese hackers apparently tried to breach Microsoft’s mail and calendar server programme.

The US has now issued a emergency warning. And a software upgrade is being pushed to fight any vulnerabilities.

Government officers must download and install it by Friday.

China is on the offensive, and the target is critical — IT infrastructure of other governments 

From US to India, everyone is vulnerable.

First the coronavirus, and now the cyber attacks — countries like China have made borders redundant.

And one can only predict — the next pandemic could be in the cyberworld.

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