Comansa Expands Range of High Capacity Tower Cranes -

Comansa Expands Range of High Capacity Tower Cranes. Comansa, a leading manufacturer of tower cranes for construction, announces its new high capacity tower cranes, 21LC1050 model with a flat top and they are available in three versions of maximum load: 25, 37.5 and 50 tonnes. The cranes are designed to work in projects in which it is necessary to lift heavy loads.

Also, these can be erected with a reach of between 30m and 80m with configurations every 5m.  In addition, an optional jib configuration is being offered thus allowing the customer to have a special reach of 85m,  said a statement from Comansa.

Comansa Expands Range of High Capacity Tower Cranes
Comansa Expands Range of High Capacity Tower Cranes

The characteristics of load, reach and mechanisms of the 21LC1050 make this model ideal to offer an optimal result in large industrial or mining projects as well as for the construction of buildings with prefabricated and steel structures of great tonnage.

Among the novelties presented by the 21LC1050 is the design of its counterjib, which, like the jib, allows numerous different configurations to better adapt to the needs of each job. The complete structure of counterjib consists of 5 modular elements that allow up to 6 different configurations.

Like the rest of its flat-top models, the 21LC1050 comes standard with the PowerLift system, which allows the crane to improve the load diagram by 10 per cent, always without exceeding the nominal capacity.

Along with the 21LC1050 also new is its climbing cage, the J3-20. This hydraulic cage is compatible with other models from Comansa.  The 21LC1050 comes standard with the new CUBE cab in its XL version, the most spacious from Comansa.

The 21LC1050, the successful Comansa 2100 Series becomes the largest capacity crane with a maximum load of 50 tonnes formed entirely by flat-top models of large tonnage.

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