Construction Equipment Market Overall is Good

R.S.Raghavan, Managing Director, Proman Infrastructure Services Pvt Ltd spoke to on their future plans as well the construction equipment market

Equipment market

Market has been good and it is showing positive growth, the future depends on the various projects that are being announced like the Bharat Mala project which will surely help the market to boost. The excavators and equipment players have started talking positively.

At Proman, we have a wide range of crushers and systems to produce high quality aggregates, manufactured sand, Mortar and industrial minerals. When the market grows further we are definitely going to have more opportunities and things will be definitely good.

Boost for roads sector

Any road or infrastructure project will automatically have an impact on the construction equipment industry and the crusher industry, as they are the heart of any road project. We feel very positive at the way the federal government is planning to invest in the infrastructure projects. The next 6 years will a a very positive growth phase for the Indian infrastructure and construction equipment industry.

Government Polices

I think it is the responsibility of the government to provide clearance fast, the single window should be done for all road projects. A person who gets a road contract has to get quarry license, has to get everything allotted properly for the national projects as per the policies. Definitely we will see a positive impact as the government in focused to deliver.

Global players

Global players are going to be there but the local partner will is always be the key.  Most of the big projects have a tie up between foreign and Indian companies. Proman also has collaborations with foreign companies but still we manufacture here and we are able to export back so that alliance right from the beginning is win. International quality at reasonable price is what Proman products are known for.


GST is the best think that has happened to our industry. The impact of GST is marginal as it’s almost the same as Excise and Vat. Further are relieved of the pain of collecting C forms.

The unorganized sector

The individual quarry owners are key players in the aggregate and sand industry. They cater to the major demand for the retail and commercial market. Due to the complexity of the quarry operations its difficult for big players to be players on the national level.

Plans for 2018

Our plan is to be doing whatever we are doing in crushing and screening in a focused way. Proman graduates its customers to move up the value chain in their existing business be it plaster sand (dry or wet), Dry Mortar. By this we form a very mutually beneficial long term partnership with our customers

Beyond 2020

The federal government has firmly taken a lot of bold decisions to put our country’s economy on a stable growth. We hope the policies will sustain to see the results in the medium to long term.


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