World media berates Modi for ‘India’s descent into Covid hell’ -

World media berates Modi for ‘India’s descent into Covid hell’

The Guardian said “The system has collapsed: India’s descent into Covid hell”. The newspaper added: “Many falsely believed that the country had defeated Covid. Now, hospitals are running out of oxygen and bodies are stacking up in morgues.” India reported 314,644 of the new cases that were reported Thursday morning, nearly half of the total worldwide tally. International coverage has now zeroed in on India.

The global press has castigated holding mass election rallies in West Bengal that may have worsened the situation. The decision to allow the Kumbh Mela has also been denounced as reckless. The media accused the Indian government of lacking the courage to call the gathering off for fear of alienating their Hindu supporters.

It also talks about Modi, without face mask, at a West Bengal election rally. The Financial Times mentioned about oxygen shortage and funeral pyres on the banks of the Ganges. FT blamed: “The devastation has sparked outrage at the lack of preparation among officials who believed the worst of the pandemic was over.” The Washington Post carried: “In some cities, crematoriums are running their furnaces round the clock.”

The Wall Street Journal expresses skepticism and quotes researchers: “With its population of more than 1.3 billion people and skyrocketing infections, India has a higher chance of developing variants, which may take root and spread beyond its borders”.

It is worth mentioning that in March the European countries began implementing non-pharmaceutical interventions to control the covid-19 epidemic. Most interventions were implemented in rapid succession in many countries. The researchers urged the governments across the globe not to relax lockdown too soon and to conduct an urgent inquiry. Scientists issued two desperate pleas to government to prevent a second wave of coronavirus in the UK.

They cautioned against “substantial relaxation of the social-distancing measures that have been in place”, including the partial reopening of schools and the retail sectors. There is no denying the fact that the ill-conceived idea of massive election campaigning has been primarily responsible for the resurgence of Covid-19. It is a fact that relaxation of lockdown, coupled with a potential breakdown in public trust, has brought us back into a situation where the outbreak is once again out of control.

The image of Modi stands impaired with the perception that he has failed to tame the second wave.

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