Construction of Rs 3.2 crore Bridge across Noyyal drags

News records

A 100 metre-long bridge across the Noyyal river at Semmedu, the works on which started some six months ago at a cost of Rs 3.2 crore, is likely to take another year for completion. The bridge, an engineer at the construction site informed the news reporters that it would connect Thombipalayam to Boluvampatti in times of flood. Pointing out that the river often overflows during monsoon, the engineer said, “As such residents find it difficult to cross the river. There is an existing mud road, but that also gets submerged during the rain. The bridge will be of great help to the residents.” The bridge would be 100m long and 6.5m high. It would have six piers and five spans, added the records.

Presently, Noyyal riverbed has become a hotspot for sand smuggling.


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