CSCL Gives Nod to Four Smart City Projects Worth Rs 258 Crore

CSCL Gives Nod to Four Smart City Projects Worth Rs 258 Crore. The Chennai Smart City Ltd (CSCL) where the board members gave nod to five-tonne capacity biogas plant. The Rs.258 crore plant would use water hyacinth to produce fuel and electricity. Subsequently, this was one among the four projects that got go ahead. More than 613 acres of water hyacinth spread across water bodies in the city will feed the biogas plant, which will not only help generate biogas and electricity but also help manage the water bodies. Water hyacinth removed from water bodies will be crushed and supplied to the plant generating five ton of biogas every day where a larger plan to use the gas for power production.

CSCL Gives Nod to Four Smart City Projects Worth Rs 258 Crore
Chennai Smart City Limited (CSCL)

Another important project cleared was the 24×7 piped water supply in T Nagar area under area-based development and the construction of missing links to storm water drains in the shopping hub. One of the major projects sanctioned is the provision of 24×7 piped water supply to all areas in T Nagar, in coordination with Metro water. New pipelines will be laid wherever needed, and encrustations-deposits in the pipeline formed over time from corroding walls – where the block free water will be removed to help improve the amount of water carried.

Currently, 35 mn litres of water is supplied over two days in T Nagar, which will be able to match the future demand upto 48MLD. This smart water project will be carried out by dividing T Nagar into 19 district metering areas (DMAS), a practice followed abroad for micromanaging water distribution networks. Through this process, it can also attend to faults in the network more effectively.

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