Customer Delight Is Our First Step Towards Success Says Santosh Kumar Srivastava -

Customer Delight Is Our First Step Towards Success Says Santosh Kumar Srivastava

Customer Delight Is Our First Step Towards Success Says Santosh Kumar Srivastava President-PORTADECK & Special Products mtandt. With Ariel Work Platform the legacy continues to scale new heights.

Mtandt is the leading technology and solution provider to diversified industries through manufacturing, distribution, rental, training and services. With wide range of product portfolio for Aerial Work Platform, Material Handling Equipment, Mobile Access Platform, Aluminium Scaffolding Equipment, Rental Services, Fixed Access and Fall Protection System, Portadeck and more it is known for the most innovative companies in the world. It boost of the clients that are the market makers, pioneers and revolutionaries.

Customer Delight Is Our First Step Towards Success Says Santosh Kumar Srivastava
Santosh Kumar Srivastava President-PORTADECK & Special Products Mtandt

Santosh Kumar Srivastava President-PORTADECK & Special Products mtandt says, “We believe not only the right equipment and tools, right knowledge to use them is also essential to create safe working environment.” With this vision, we have created this division to organize professional training of safe practices, while working at height. Our training modules are customized for different level of people in an organization, starting from operators to supervisors to fleet managers.”

New at Bauma ConExpo 2018

PORTADECK and New Alloy GSA are the two product that Mtandt introduced. PORTADECK mats are used on variety of surfaces for better stability and better distribution of load on the ground level. It provides temporary access and equipment platforms at construction sites mainly used at all explosion sites, gas pipelines, transmission lines and other construction sites where they need to construct the temporary roads. The USP of this PORTADECK is distributes the load/weight to a broader area with its large size, easy & strong connectors that ensures better stability and better distribution of the load on to the ground below. The mats are used on a variety of sub-surfaces. Strong honey comb internal structure gives the mat huge strength while keeping its weight low (Lighter than water in terms of density). The material of construction (high grade of HDPE) provides high flexibility and long life to the mat. The mats are designed to provide easy portability and can be easily cleaned with high pressure water cleaner.

The internal honey comb structure is filled with ultra-light foam, to ensure that no water settles inside the mats. It’s basically useful for the construction of temporary roads, rough roads, soil that is marshy or sandy where large equipments are not useful. While adopting these new ways they can construct new temporary roads even if they are used constructing foreign material using aggregates and sand that can take load of up to approx 120 to 700 tonnes class crane on these mats. Once the project is over the mats could be simply removed where there is no loss to the farmers or the environment. It is a win win situation for the construction companies and the government policies. With this we also make the business.

Response from events like Bauma and Excon

Very good response for these products ever since we have launched in the year 2016 and presented it in the same year of Bauma, we are getting good response from all the industrial segments especially the construction industry, oil and gas industry, pipeline and transmission industry because all kind of construction activities  happen in the remote places.

Beneficial to the projects

Oil exploration happens in Assam where the rainfall is very high, soil condition are not supportive, cost of the temporary road construction is very high and at the same time it hampers the productivity. This particular pipeline project in Kerala the contractors and major construction companies had refused to work on their site and the project was abandoned; it was revived during the monsoon where it showed good progress. It will also help the road construction sector in achieving the target of 40 km. The cost economies where the soil conditions are not good because of monsoon, construction material could be brought on the site for the smooth operations without any additional cost. In some cases excavators that were completely sunk inside the soil, the operators were saved because of the PORTADECK mats. The real-estate industry will also be benefited by curbing accident where the soil could be judged when the operator sitting inside cannot judge the soft soil. Safety to human life. It’s important to look at the safety concerns because it puts the credibility on the contractor. Hence the demand for PORTADECK or equipment mats is very high. The demand is high. Everywhere the concept of safety any such incident happens, it disturbs the whole thing. It puts the credibility of the contractor out of the country where safety standard should be followed, that goes again the nation also sometimes. Based on that people want to avoid such situations for removing a bridge from the railways near Mumbai, they have to take these mats.

When the equipment were launched it was targeted to soft soil we considering the geographical conditions of the country. The machines are designed accordingly. It can bear the extreme climates of the monsoons of north-east, Kerala and J&K. In Kerala last monsoon was flood so these mats were used in evacuating the people from the floods. These mats were owned by GAIL and were used by local authorities. In one mat they had evacuated 20 people which are not possible in board. People were coming and sitting on it so it has an application in disaster management.

The second equipment New Alloy GSA presented it in ISE Conference in Nagpur, a conference is made of material called as new Alloy which works on the confinement theory. For example if you put your foot on heap of sand your foot will sink on the heap of sand it will confine the sand to put the same in some bucket and stand on it that it will not sink. It works on a confinement theory, which will reduce the use of aggregates to 40% into road construction. Aggregates are scarce product which is not easily available due to environmental issues. Many states don’t allow mountain excavation and crushing equipment. So this particular product takes care of that situation and in place of aggregates you can use the fly ash, some low quality local material in construction. This particular product reduces national highway construction cost by 5-25% in the total project cost and also the construction time.  Once this technology is used to excavate the native soil, clarifying the top soil, simply complementing gnosis that puts some inferior material like fly ash, sand where the compaction it will expedite the compaction of road construction, it will reduce the cost upto 25%. This technology is already used in 70% countries across the world. Mtandt were the first to bring this technology to the country by launching this machinery. This will also benefit our country bypassing the sand mafia. This project is used is used in some of the projects in Rajasthan where the total cost reduction is by 20-25% expediting the road construction process. Also this product is receiving good response from the industry. Government of India is taking this initiative for which they have developed certain codes which is highly regulated to maintain the road standards and also changing the codes to adopt this technology. So this is the new big thing for our technology.

For this new New Alloy GSA Mtandt is closely working with (CRRI) Center For Road Research Institute and NHAI and some state government bodies like KIA. Kerala Infrastructure Investment Finance Codes for some of their pilot projects. Mtandt is working in tandem with the government, with the universities, new tech equipments, government bodies.

Mtandt is an Indian manufacturer and distributor of scaffolding, aerial work platform, cranes, telehandler, fall protection Systems and MRO supplies. The company has the tradition to launch new products so we are always bring something new and making it acceptable to all, financing companies are ready to fund the contractors and as far as we are concerned we are ready to get the support from them because we are the proven technologies and we take certification from the ground agencies like for this PORTADECK we have received appreciation from New Jersey. The company represents close to 50 national and international brands in India and neighbouring countries. The company has training modules are customized for different level of people in an organisation, starting from operators to supervisors to fleet managers.

Inputs from Santosh Kumar Srivastava President-PORTADECK & Special Products Mtandt.

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