Dr. Fixit introduces LW+Super -

Dr. Fixit introduces LW+Super

Dr. Fixit introduces LW+Super, a revolutionary product for a long-lasting structure

An ultimate tonic that enhances the efficiency of M-sand~

The rapid boom in the construction industry has tremendously given rise to the demand for sand, causing deficiency of suitable river sand in many parts of India. Besides, river mining causes an imbalance in the river bed water flow and gives rise to flood situations. Furthermore, it is also detrimental to the environment. Thus, the depleting nature, soaring price of river sand and all the above factors have given a boost to the usage of manufactured sand.

Dr. Fixit introduces LW+Super
Dr. Fixit introduces LW+Super

Manufactured sand has become the future of construction practices, however it also has certain limitations for eg: on an average it consumes 25-30% more water than normal river sand, contains larger amounts of micro-fine particles that affect the strength and workability of the screed or concrete, poor bonding properties and develops high level of shrinkage cracks like a Honeycomb.

Dr. Fixit, the construction and waterproofing expert, announced the launch of LW+Super a revolutionary product, to resolve the issues faced with the usage of M-Sand. LW+ Super, when mixed with M-sand, offers superior quality which results in increased life-span of a building. The 4 Ace benefits of adding LW+ Super into M-sand are, it increases the workability of the crushed sand mortar and concrete by 30% water reduction in the mix, resists corroison of steel in concrete, increases the strength and durability of the structure and most importantly waterproofs the concrete and mortar. Its plasticizing properties make mortar cohesive and prevent segregation which gives it excellent adhesion to the surface resulting in considerable fewer shrinkage cracks in plaster and reduces rebound loss during plastering by almost 50%. It improves the integral waterproofing properties of cement, concrete & plasters after curing, resulting in longer life of the building.

Dr Sanjay Bahadur, Global CEO, Construction Chemical Division, Pidilite Industries Ltd said, “Our endeavour has always been to delight stakeholders with innovative and relevant technology while also being true to the environment. With the launch of LW+Super, we aim to offer the construction industry an innovative solution that will help in building a long-standing structure. It is a specially formulated product, specifically designed for M-sand to improve its efficiency and effectiveness. We at Dr Fixit will continue to innovate and offer products that are beneficial for both the construction industry and the end-consumer.“

Mr Nilesh Mazumdar, Chief Executive Officer, Construction Chemicals Retail, Pidilite Industries said, “We at Dr. Fixit have the right solution to combat the leakage and dampness issues. We urge consumers to choose the right product like the new age LW+ Super and also to adopt total waterproofing at the initial stage of construction to ensure the longevity of the structure.“

LW+ Super will be available across Maharashtra. The state observes increased usage of M-Sand over the years and the current consumption is almost at 40 – 45%.

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