European Box Port Crunch Post-Suez Less Severe than Feared -

European Box Port Crunch Post-Suez Less Severe than Feared

Blockage of the Suez Canal at the end of last month is set to prolong the current operational capacity issues in ocean ship freight, it has not led to the catastrophic congestion crisis some had feared, major forwarders have told Lloyd’s Loading List.

Commenting on the knock-on effects currently of the Ever Given container ship blocking the channel at the end of last month, Geodis’ senior vice president for global ocean freight Matthias Hansen said equipment availability, tight capacity, and schedule reliability have taken a further turn for the worse “in an already very constrained market where less than 35% of ships arrive on time”.

However, he played down reports that ocean carriers are discharging container imports delayed by the Suez incident wherever they can in North Europe as they scramble to return vessels to Asia as soon as possible with empty boxes.

“The majority of the carriers have unloaded the containers in accordance with the booking,” Hansen said, with only “a very few isolated cases” where the boxes of Geodis’ customers had been discharged in the ‘wrong’ port.”

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