Exploring the untapped territory At Bauma Views Rajinder Raina

Exploring the untapped territory At Bauma Views Rajinder Raina Sr Vice President Macons Equipments Pvt Ltd who says Bauma cannot create demand; it gives you exposure into an unknown territory, which is untapped and unexplored

Ahmedabad based India’s leading Construction Equipment manufacturing companies Macons has achieved this stature with total commitment and continuous improvement and introduction of new products. Seasoned technocrats has grown steadily and specialised in developing, manufacturing and marketing of various Construction Equipment where Macons follow the globally approved QMS (Quality Management System).

Exploring the untapped territory At Bauma Views Rajinder Raina
Rajinder Raina Sr Vice President, Macons Equipments Pvt Ltd

Rajinder Raina Sr Vice President, Macons Equipments Pvt Ltd says, “Continuous, prolific and ground-breaking advancement on all parameters has always been Macon’s forte. Today, it boasts of state-of-the-art facility at Ahmedabad with fully functional R&D facilities to deliver innovatively designed, high quality world-class products. According to data released by the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP), cement and gypsum products attracted Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) worth US$ 5.26 billion between April 2000 and June 2018. Due to the increasing demand in various sectors such as housing, commercial construction and industrial construction, cement industry is expected to reach 550-600 Million Tonnes Per Annum (MTPA) by the year 2025.

He also said there are multiple players in India offering Concrete Batching plants. Macons was the first one to offer complete range of Make in India batching plants through technology purchase agreement from Europe. This technology was used to develop the prototypes & the first batch of plants for sale in the Indian market. The core philosophy with which Macons was set up was to develop products in India for the Indian markets & keep on improving the product to make it compete in the international market. The localisation of batching plants was started early through our in house R&D after getting inputs, from various sites, regarding the application processes, the gaps between the imported equipment deliverable & Indian needs, the compatibility to Indian site conditions, the user expectations & above all the operator feedback. Over the period, the Macons series of batching plants evolved as the best products for Indian applications & operator ease & friendliness/comfort.

The Equipment

The types/variety of mixers is the widest & the optional offered are the choicest. This combination makes ‘Macons solution’ best suited for the site/applications. It is the best combination to keep the cost of owning & operations low with deliverable matching up to the requirements. Macon’s precisely offers equipment as per the job requirement.

Macons, keep tweaking our Batching Plant offerings as per the changing practices at various Indian sites. The batching plants are working with some of the best-known companies in India & their continued patronage of our products is the proof of performance. Macons Batching plants find equal favour with fleet owners, hirers & first time buyers/users. The tie-ups with various financiers, banks & NBFCs, make financing easy for the retail hirers in particular. Our dealer network is dovetailed with service network to deliver after sales, which commensurate with the customer expectations. At Bauma ConExpo 2018 there are some new product launches with two new products, truck mounted aerial work platforms. The footfall is low, layout is good, and density is high.

About Bauma ConExpo 2018

Bauma first day was good going by the footfalls the second day seems average. The best thing of BC India is the quality and number of footfall has always been good. For the machines, the numbers have gone up. Even if the product is the same, the specialisation have gone up by way of attachment, by way of customisation, way of getting intermittent things in general everywhere. Mr Raina views BC India is the Excon of North where not too many players coming are seen. Likewise, not many players are seen coming from North to South. Everybody who contributes create a demand. We are looking at the connect with the people of the product where once we look at this product they want to buy it with newer technology used in multiple  applications such as malls, airports etc.

Demand Drivers

Continuous, prolific and groundbreaking advancement on all parameters has always been Macon’s forte. If you look at the three main drivers backhoe loaders, it is growing at 40%, excavators grown 50%, cranes at 40%. All excavators are grown upto 20,000, the 30,000 and is backhoe loaders, 20,000 plus is cranes. Compactors market if we look at it is grown which is because of the roads sector. Road project that are stalled will be released due to the concessions given by the government. New awards in the project have been tremendous, packages awarded with time completion, the mechanisation is high, and there you have the metro systems. The work in the tier II and III cities is as fast as metro project that are coming up. Affordable housing project, has given rise where airports in India boosts of the second best airports in the world, railways is expanding. Ports is expanding. Waterways is happenings. One of most neglected area in the northeast is getting headway. Bauma cannot create demand; it gives you exposure into an unknown territory, which is untapped and unexplored, venturing into the competitors market that will drive the projects that create demand. To quickly sum up the USPs of Macons’ offerings: The aggregates: Best in class. Fabricated components: Heavy duty/rolled/special alloys steel. No structural failures. Modular Design: Minimum installation/commissioning time ease of transport. Compact design: Smaller foot print, lesser foundation civil work. Longer life of wear & tear parts: Lost cost of maintenance per unit output. Minimum cost of operation per unit output delivered. Highest productivity in class with best quality mix output.

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