FAB-INDIA Industries Aiming Product Promotion at EXCON 2017

FAB-INDIAFAB-INDIA Industries was successfully established in the year 1991 and started the manufacturing of Road Construction Machinery in 2005. Infrabuddy.com spoke to Suresh Patel, Director, Fab India Industries, on the company’s plans for EXCON 2017 and other future plans

Please provide us the information about plans and new products to be displayed at EXCON 2017?
EXCON 2017 has always been a huge platform for the product promotion and marketing, here we will focus on road construction requirements mainly asphalt plant, concrete batching plant that will be displayed at EXCON 2017.

What are the recent advancements being carried out to address productivity, reliability and operational efficiency issues?
Our current focus is on improving the quality, installing advance techniques so that plant can be eco-friendly easy to operate by users. Regarding operational efficiency, our R&D team has taken many points under consideration and it will be soon out with the expected results.

Automation is being promoted as main USP, what telematics services your company provides?
Automation and internet are promoted as USP as online solution is quick solution. In our heavy road construction equipment whole operation is done through control panel. Our panels are SCADA enabled which enables to take virtual control of the system and handle the problem from anywhere, saving manpower and saves clients’ time.

How company looks at investing in R&D and developing solutions for the Indian market?
Our companies’ main vision for developing product is it must be make in India, our company is in growing stage. We think our company can develop better quality products and thereby also provide large manpower for which we are planning to invest in R&D.

Preventive, periodic maintenance and proximity to customers have become major USPs; how do you look at these aspects?
Our company was started with single machine and now we have large three units in Ahmedabad and one service area in AP and Maharashtra.


We have skilled service engineer’s team who provide quality and prompt service to our clients. Maintenance is a very important to run the machine smoothly in the long run. We provide detailed instructions for the preventive and periodic maintenance to our clients. And also we provide training to client or machine operator, our service engineers also provide 24 * 7 on call support.

What are expansion plans in terms of dealer network, apart from expanding your sales, what is your strategy to retain the existing customers?
We’re keen to expand business through dealer networks in various locations. We would utilize EXCON 2017 as an opportunity for the same. And with respect to retaining existing customers, we always provide best service to the existing machinery and constantly upgrade our machinery.

How do you see the impact of various transformational changes taking place in the country, on the growth of construction equipment in 2017?
We have observed some impact due to the transformational changes like demonetization and GST on the sales of construction equipment’s in 2017. We had faced challenges and have penetrated into the market as a Branded company.  We have successfully installed more than 50 Asphalt Batch Mix Plants in various states of India.

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