Goa to receive funds worth ₹129 crores for 8 highway development projects -

Goa to receive funds worth ₹129 crores for 8 highway development projects

Aiming to boost the highway construction projects in Goa, the central government has allotted funds worth ₹128.66 crores. Entailed in a recent announcement by the Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, this financial provision shall propel the establishment of 8 highways in the state. Stretching over a length of 39.7 Km, these highways will augment the network of road connectivity in the state.

Allocated amount to fund ongoing & new highway projects

In a series of multiple tweets, the minister expounded upon the details of the various projects that would be advantaged by this recent intervention. While the amount would facilitate the execution of new schemes, there are provisions for reimbursement in concluded projects too.

A budgetary allocation of ₹53.27 Cr will reimburse the state government’s project that converted the 2-lane section of Ribandar bypass of NH-748 [Old NH-4A] into a 4-lane road. In addition to this, two different parts of the Panjim-Mangalore section of NH-66 will be strengthened with an amount of ₹34.33 Cr and ₹10.47 Cr respectively. While Orthophond bridge, Margao over bridge and Mashem bridge will witness construction works worth ₹6.75 Cr, an amount of ₹1.92 Cr will be spent on the Bhatpal bridge.

Expanded network of highways to boost economic growth & development


With the latest declaration by the central administration, Goa expects to be gifted with a strengthened grid of roads and highways. This shall improve the levels of connectivity in the state, thereby ushering in multiple benefits and advantages. While the economic progress shall be furthered, improved linkage between different regions of Goa will also profit the state’s tourism industry.

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