Grains cooperative CBH Group declares force majeure after Apr 11 cyclone Seroja -

Grains cooperative CBH Group declares force majeure after Apr 11 cyclone Seroja

CBH Group, a grain growers’ cooperative based in Western Australia, has declared force majeure for Geraldton and parts of Kwinana port zones following damages from cyclone Seroja on April 11, according to an emailed notification seen by S&P Global Platts.

“Damaging wind gusts and heavy rain has occurred through the eastern Wheatbelt and is expected to continue as it tracks through the southern Goldfields and South East Coastal district. There has been significant disruptions to the CBH rail, road and shipping programs due to Cyclone Seroja. Many parts of the rail network in the Geraldton and Kwinana port zones were closed by Arc Infrastructure as of 12 pm yesterday, Sunday 11th April,” the email dated April 12 said.

Major highways and main roads in the Midwest area had closed Sunday afternoon, while all ships were taken out of the Geraldton port and moved to the inlet by evening 6 pm, the email said. Mid West Port Authority is inspecting the channel in Geraldton before ships can return.

CBH is assessing the full extent of the damage to road, rail networks and storage facilities in Geraldton and northern Kwinana port zones.

“Early indications suggest that we have lost tarps from bulkheads at our Narngulu and Moonyoonooka sites and infrastructure damage at Goodlands. Preliminary reports indicate that our port infrastructure has not incurred any significant damage,” the email said.

“Kwinana South, Albany and Esperance port zones have noted no structural damage, although wet weather is impacting our outloading activities,” it added.

Three ships are expected to be loaded from the impacted ports for an Asian end-user. “But I should be okay with small delays,” the buyer added.

CBH did not immediately respond to Platts inquiry.
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