Green Sustainable Buildings with Kirby for a Better Tomorrow

Green Sustainable Buildings with Kirby for a Better Tomorrow. With the real estate activity, development in full swing across the globe it is proving to be a significant contributor to global warming due to extensive use of energy causing greenhouse gases (GHGs) emissions. Such crucial is the situation of today’s times that it has become imperative to ‘Go Green’ and develop sustainable building technologies. India needs to adopt more sustainable practices in order to stop the deterioration happening to the environment. Green buildings require serious consideration because real-estate development is at its peak. If all buildings in Indian urban areas adopt green building concepts, India could save more than 8,400 megawatts of power, which is enough to light 550,000 homes a year. It would also result in reducing the harmful impact that buildings have on the environment. Such sustainably built green buildings are environmentally responsible and resource-efficient, right from location selection to the demolition after its lifecycle ends. Green buildings which would be less costly than conventional buildings that use less energy, water, and other natural resources; creates less waste and greenhouse gases and is healthy for people living or working inside as compared to a regular structure.

Green Sustainable Buildings with Kirby for a Better Tomorrow
Green Sustainable Buildings with Kirby for a Better Tomorrow

Green and Construction

Even if the concentration and awareness of green buildings is less in comparison to other countries, India promises to be one of the leading countries in the future to have maximum green building footprints holistically addressing the ecological issues and concerns. Green as a buzzword has caused fancy of many such as the policymakers, architects, stakeholders who have identified its potential in the coming future. This has encouraged many green products manufactures to innovate products, materials to develop sustainable and green buildings. The steady increase in demand for green construction has brought down the cost of products, services, and materials, thus making green buildings affordable. Even if green building promises a healthy, there are some myths that the green projects are costlier than regular ones. However, the fact is the price difference is minimal easily recovered over subsequent years of usage and the benefits provided by the project.

About PEB

When it comes to eco-friendly and sustainable buildings Pre Engineered Building (PEB) is one of the first choices in which Kirby is the most reckoned name. The company over the years have excelled in its services by delivering products through PEB technology leading the revolution of green construction in the country. Steel, the most preferred material for prefabricated structures as it is 70% recyclable where the building structure becomes cost-effective, energy efficient and environment friendly. Steel is a recyclable material, can be re-used with the resale value which makes PEB as earthquake resistant that can withstand any type of natural calamity. Steel is definitely going to see an increase in the acceptability as one form of building material besides the other existing building materials. This will continue despite the introduction of new building materials as steel has many distinct properties when compared to other building materials and has an edge over these materials.

Another important fact about PEB is it promotes green construction where 70% of the material used in the construction is recyclable and environmental friendly, which makes cities smart as minimum pollution generated at the time of construction. The PEB material is cool in hot weather due to favourable roofing material, suitable insulation and natural ventilation. The use of skylights and solar panels mounted on the rooftops of the industrial buildings meets the daylight and captive power requirements reducing the dependence on the power supply from alternative sources and at the same time reduce emissions and gain carbon credits under clean development mechanism. Effective usage of insulation material, louvers, and other materials also help in making PEB one of the most preferred green buildings. INSDAG report says PEB is capable of saving up to 15% of energy costs if designed properly with the direct usage of natural light through the usage of various accessories in the building.

Kirby India

Kirby India designs all its buildings as per national and international standards like AISC, AISI, MBMA, IS, etc. through its proprietary software and other standard packages. The company takes all the norms of green buildings into consideration during its design stage itself so that the end user will reap the benefits leading to saving on raw material and natural resources. As per green building norms, all the buildings should have the certain percentage of natural lighting, air ventilation, minimal VOC content in paint consumption, SRI value of roof sheeting, etc. Kirby India supplies buildings with all these conditions based on the customer’s requirement. All the materials supplied by the company are easily recyclable and environment-friendly. The company is also a member of IGBC and is always looking forward to be a part of green buildings and eco-friendly products.

 Happy Customers

Kirby India has already supplied PEB to many of its clientele that satisfies all the green building norms laid down by IGBC. IGBC promotes a whole-building approach to sustainability, based on the performance in the following five key areas – Sustainable Site Development, Water savings, Energy efficiency, Materials selection and Indoor environmental quality. Some of the clientele include ITC Ltd, L&T Hyderabad Metro Station, IMTMA – Bengaluru (BIEC – Bangalore International Exhibition Centre), Danfoss Industries – Chennai, SKF Technologies – Mysore, Zahoransky Moulds & Machines Pvt Ltd – Coimbatore and many more. Because of increasing demand, more and more manufacturing companies are now realising the importance of incorporating sustainability & eco-friendly construction within their overall business strategies.

IMTMA is an exhibition hall awarded with the prestigious LEED Certified rating for Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED) by the U. S. Green Building Council for its environmentally friendly design. Similarly, L&T Hyderabad Metro Station is certified with IGBC Platinum Rating, SKF Technologies facility at Mysore is certified with IGBC Gold Rating and Zahoransky Moulds & Machines Pvt Ltd facility at Coimbatore has received IGBC Platinum Rating. All the PEB buildings supplied by Kirby India equipped with facilities across India that are green in nature and have received IGBC certification.

Kirby Building Systems India Ltd (Kirby India) has a capacity of 200,000 MT per annum with Hyderabad and Haridwar each having an annual capacity of 100,000 MT respectively, thereby making the company a leading player in the Indian PEB market. Kirby India has over 22 sales offices and a network of more than 100 certified builders to cater to the erection procedures as per the international standards capable to handle any type of complexity under adverse site conditions. The company has served over 5,500 customers with more than 18,000 buildings spread over an area of 30 million sq. since its inception. Kirby India has the privilege of collaborating who’s who of corporates both from national and international front operating across all industry segments by setting up their facilities in India and across the globe.

Over these years, Kirby India has evolved from a mere manufacturer of PEB to a total solution provider that is capable of supplying a packaged solution for all building requirements maintaining international quality standards and fulfilling the entire customer demand. Like a true leader, it has constantly tried to set new standards in the PEB industry. Its buildings have stood the test of time, repeatedly against all odds – manmade and natural. In addition, with increasing urbanisation and rapid increase in construction activity across the country, there is enough space for all the building materials to co-exist and work towards developing sustainable construction.

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