ICA India to Raise Awareness for Electrical Safety

International Copper Association India commenced its ‘Safe wiring, Safer buildings’ awareness campaign in the Capital

ICA India to raise awareness on the need for electrical safety to prevent electrical mishaps at homes & workplaces

Electricity is a familiar and essential part of everyday life, but negligence can kill, severely injure and cause damage to property. Raising awareness about safe practices, safety guidelines and use of appropriate wiring material can greatly reduce the number of incidences. ICA India has always been committed to work towards building the awareness on electrical safety and the need for implementation of safety policies in homes and workplaces. As a part of this continued initiative ICA India has launched its national awareness campaign “Safe wiring, safer buildings” in the city today. The campaign that is organized in conjunction with Ministry of Home Affairs, Central Electrical Authority and Bureau of Indian Standards is aimed towards raising awareness and educate on appropriate electrical safety policies and ensuring the right material and right size of electrical wiring.

According to Central Electricity Authority data, on average 13 persons died due to electrical accidents every day in India (2016 – 2017). Over 13% of all fire related accidents were caused by electrical short circuits. We have seen major incidences of fire in residential and commercial establishments that have needlessly cost lives and scarred people through injury. The need to focus on electrical safety is an urgent need of the day.

Government of India has accorded high importance to electrical safety putting stringent standards and policies in place. However there continues to be a gap in the implementation of the standards in terms of poor industry practices, improper or weak installations design, using undersized and inferior quality of wires and electrical equipment. These gaps exist primarily due to lack of understanding and education on safety regulation. ICA India hopes to empower all electricity users in India by apprising them on the benefits of following the right wiring practices to prevent electrical incidents. The awareness campaign focuses on educating the users on new safety measures, relevant Indian standards, information on international best practices and availability of new technologies to reduce risks. Additionally, Central Electricity Authority & Bureau of Indian Standards share their expert insights to reduce the number of electrical accidents by following existing Indian standards and codes.

Amol Kalsekar – Chief Manager – Building Wire, International Copper Association India (ICA India) said, “Electricity is everywhere and it affects every aspect of our lives. Awareness of electrical hazards is vital in reducing the staggering number of electrical fires, injuries, and deaths that occur every year. By understanding key electrical safety principles and adhering to safe practices, many electrocutions and home fires can be prevented.” He added, “We at ICA India promote the use of right size wiring for safer homes and workplaces through consumer and industry awareness of the issues and risks.”

 The commencement of the campaign witnessed discussion on key issues related to electrical safety in the Country. The speakers at the event included the following dignitaries

  1. Shree D K Shami, Fire Adviser, Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India.
  2. Shree Goutam Roy, Chief Engineer & Chief Electrical Inspector, GoI.
  3. Shree Rajeev Sharma, Scientist E, Head-Electrotechnical Department, Bureau of Indian Standards
  4. Shree Sudheer Bishnoi, Scientist E, Electrotechnical Department, Bureau of Indian Standards

ICA India has been actively involved in promotion of Best Building Wiring Practices for urban and rural households. ICA India’s Building Wire Program actively works with policy makers to enhance existing standards, regulations and policies. It works with major wire manufacturers and other OEMs to influence the availability of quality products. ICA India also actively engages with Influencers and end users to make electrical safety a priority for them. Some of the activities include:

  • ICA India has empowered over 15000 electricians and electrical contractors through skill enhancement program on safe electrical installation practices. Enabling greater adherence to national standards, codes & regulations
  • ICA India in association with Bureau of Indian Standards, Bureau of Energy Efficiency & Central Electricity Authority creates a common platform for 500+ Electrical Consultants, Architects, Builders & Developers through national campaign to discuss Standards, Codes & Regulations
  • ICA India works with the State Chief Electrical Inspectorate for activities such as  “Electrical safety week”, developing and distributing Electrical safety booklets to school students, housing societies and various government and private offices

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