India to get a National Road Safety Board -

India to get a National Road Safety Board

India to get a National Road Safety Board

India to get a National Road Safety Board&nbsp

India, we have some interesting news to share first thing in the morning today — India will now get its own National Road Safety Board. The Department of Expenditure, Ministry of Finance, has given its go ahead to the board that will serve to advise the government with establishing policies for road safety as well as evaluate their enforcement and implementation to help rein in road accidents and deaths arising from them. It must be noted this apex statutory entity is a part of the amended Motor Vehicle Act 2019.

Now, one is bound to wonder so who has been filling in the shoes of this yet-to-be-set-up National Road Safety Board so far? Well, that woud be an informal team of officials at the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways who help the government deal with road safety issues in the country. But more about the board now — though it is essentially an advisory body, it will also include technical committees to analyse different facets of road safety, such as ranging vehicle construction standards, civil engineering, vehicles recall, vehicle safety equipment, etc.

That’s not all though — the upcoming National Road Safety Board will also help the government of India establish all relevant standards — such as those for traffic management, road construction, road safety, etc. 

The National Road Safety Board will comprise seven members and a Chairman; all the members will be required to have appropriate experience in fields relevant to road safety, such as urban planning, civil engineering, police enforcement and investigation, traffic management, etc. 

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