Indian Railways runs 'Oxygen Express' to save lives of COVID-19 patients - Energy News India -

Indian Railways runs ‘Oxygen Express’ to save lives of COVID-19 patients – Energy News India

To ensure the timely supply of oxygen from one place to another, the Indian Railways has launched a new initiative. Referred to as ‘Oxygen Expresses’, these are special trains that will take oxygen cylinders to people in need.

The first Oxygen Express will run from Visakhapatnam to Mumbai tonight. The train contains Liquid Medical Oxygen (LMO) tankers. The tankers filled with the gas will be transported through the Ro-Ro service of the Indian Railways.

Another Oxygen Express to go from Lucknow to Bokaro
Another Oxygen Express started its journey from Lucknow to Bokaro via Varanasi to supply oxygen to Uttar Pradesh. A green corridor was created between Lucknow and Varanasi to facilitate the fast transportation of oxygen. The train will be covering a distance of 270 km in 4 hours 20 minutes with an average speed of 62.35 kmph.

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