Indo-Pacific Infrastructure Forum Launched

An Indo-Pacific trilateral infrastructure forum has been launched here to find new, creative and efficient ways of leveraging the power of the private sector in India, the US and Japan to fill the massive gap in infrastructure and connectivity in the region.

Launched by the US Chamber of Commerce’s US-India Business Council (USIBC) along with US-Japan Business Council, the Indo-Pacific Infrastructure Trilateral Forum is a private sector platform that is seeking to partner with some of the government initiatives.

The United States, India and Japan have a government to government trilateral, which is increasingly focusing on infrastructure, said Nisha Desai Biswal, the president of the USIBC.

According to Biswal, the US Chamber of Commerce is creating a private sector counterpoint that can help bring in more of the private companies, whether they are infrastructure companies are finance companies, operators, maintainers into conversation.

“We decided to launch this Indo-Pacific Trilateral Initiative at the US India Business Council because it is important that we find new, creative and efficient ways of leveraging the power of the private sector in all three countries to meet what I think is a very critical need, which is this massive gap in infrastructure and connectivity,” Biswal told PTI after the Forum was formally launched here.

“If we want to be relevant to the geopolitics of Asia, we have to be engaged on the geo-economics of Asia. So, the United States, India and Japan bring very powerful tools that are both government, but also increasingly the private sector that can help do that,” said Biswal, who also served as the Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia in the previous Obama Administration.

The launch event was attended by representatives from companies that reflect the private sector from the three countries.

“In terms of projects, what we’re looking to do is find ways that are private sector members can engage on some of these public private frames,” Biswal said.


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