Infusing Holistic Approach in Living Yarrow 1 Podium Villament by Nahar Group -

Infusing Holistic Approach in Living Yarrow 1 Podium Villament by Nahar Group

Infusing Holistic Approach in Living Yarrow 1 Podium Villament by Nahar Group

An exquisite creation of timeless beauty which exhibits a sense of modern, traditional, art deco history and a piece of the future, is how the interiors of Yarrow 1 Podium Villament at Nahar’s Amrit Shakti has been conceptualized. The interiors of the villament, done up by Manju Yagnik, Vice Chairperson, Nahar Group, stands testimony of how aesthetically Balinese interiors has been infused with a touch of contemporary design. “Use of contemporary interiors gives you the liberty to infuse your large spaces with a practical touch through the use of artifacts, sheers, curtains etc. We have chosen Balinese theme but have used contemporary interiors to give the villa a more practical look,” shares Yagnik. The 4 BHK villa, with a total saleable area size of approximately 3,350 sq ft and approximately 1,512 sq ft of paved garden area showcases the contemporary style of interior design following the basic principle of simplicity, subtle sophistication, textures and clean lines. The wallpapers used in the villas are of natural fibre materials, giving it a colourful and vibrant look and feel.

Infusing Holistic Approach in Living Yarrow 1 Podium Villament by Nahar Group
Infusing Holistic Approach in Living Yarrow 1 Podium Villament by Nahar Group

The villa space has been artistically designed creating a sense of belongingness as you enter. Detailing done into every aspect, where each piece of art, lighting fixture, furniture stands out as an individual and unique character, creating a home which narrates a story and a collection of alluring artefacts. In contemporary interiors, where ‘less’ is more, the furniture pieces placed in the living room of the villa make a bold statement but at the same time reflects a more relaxed approach to living. With new materials making its way into contemporary age of living, the flooring has been done in gorgeous finishes of hardwood and MDF wood. “The reason behind choosing wooden flooring for the villa is to provide a sense of living close to nature, similar to how Balinese people live in their houses where they walk barefoot. Walking barefoot produces minimal sounds and is soothing to the feet as well, promoting a holistic living,” she states.

Perfect Blend of Modern Luxury
Shades of blacks, whites, tans or neutral shades with a dash of vibrant colours which are the quintessential of contemporary interior designs, the interiordecor done including of all the four bedrooms create a visual interest to know the idea behind maintaining clean finishes in furniture. The colour tone of the rooms is subtle yet lively. The first bedroom has a contemporary touch of European countryside concept to it, while the second bedroom is all of Bali style incorporated with a canopy or bamboo bed which gives it an edgy look to the room. The curtains are stitched with silk together with sheers and an embroidery on it to give a semi-opaque look which soothes daylight. Every element in the rooms is well coordinated and complementary to each other. The floral concept of light in the fourth bedroom with embellishments made up of murano glass is another work of art to admire. Lighting used in the villament is soothing as people don’t like striking lights after a tiring day. All the lights in the room are in co-ordinance of main and secondary lights. The beauty of the villa is increased by the use of Stupa lights inspired by the architectural spirit of Buddhist temples. These handcrafted lights from natural resin create a balance of organic tactility with an exciting and ultimately contemporary profile. As compared to lighting used in other parts of the villament, the living area has brighter lights with a sitting arrangement for large gatherings to enjoy together. “The concept of every room in the villa is different from another to provide variation. Interiors are done up with the lot of natural resources combined with floral prints on the wall, silk, wood, pearls, chandeliers, gold, and silver within the rooms and the modular kitchen is a perfect example of the concoction of nature and luxury,” feels Yagnik.

Lush Green Spaces
Various botanical plants have been grown all around the villa in the private garden area to provide a feeling of belongingness with nature. The rooms of the villa also open towards the garden area which connects to the adjoining 5 lakh sq ft of green spaces in Nahar’s Amrit Shakti. The villament is surrounded by manicured lawns and modern amenities of a leisure and sports clubhouse- ‘Nahar’s Nectarfield’. This magnificent clubhouse is spread across an area of approximately 50,000 sq. ft. Nahar’s Nectarfield has 7 fully functional sports courts with professional standards facilities for Football, Basketball, Cricket, Badminton, Squash and Tennis. The clubhouse also offers a high-end gym, swimming pool, Café Nectarfield, Kid’s pool, Kid’s play area-Hakuna Matata. Soon the residents will also be able to enjoy the best at the multi-cuisine restaurants, two banquet facilities and spas, snooker/ billiards tables, guest rooms and business center. Expressing the thought behind creating villaments, Yagnik states, “People who build their bungalows or villas mostly opt for outskirts of the city or some remote areas which can be their second home. But owning a villa right in the middle of the city as well as enjoying the benefits of larger spaces or villament is a different feeling altogether. This is what we wanted to offer our customers where they can experience luxury and nature at the same time. It ensures the perfect environment for a comfortable, relaxing and focused lifestyle. Going back to nature is an old concept. Now nature has been brought near to people.”

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