IOT-The Next Level of Digital Integration In Construction Equipments

IOT-The Next Level of Digital Integration In Construction Equipments

Hemant Mathur – Senior General Manager , Sales And Marketing Tata Hitachi Elaborates On IoT Features As The Next Generation Solutions

In the CE industry, machine health monitoring systems are becoming common and increasingly sophisticated. Helping enhance overall equipment efficiency and productivity, allowing closer supervision of machines deployed by the customer. With the world going increasingly digital, customers want and need to have information access about their machines – including data on utilization, servicing status, location of the machine & health.  Therefore, manufacturers to give the above status to the customer have introduced digital integration. Tata Hitachi’s ZAXIS GI series of machines come with inbuilt features like CONSITE – based on the IoT platform – to enhance the efficiency of the equipment and make real-time data available to the customer to improve performance of the equipment.

IOT-The Next Level of Digital Integration In Construction Equipments
Hemant Mathur – Senior General Manager , Sales And Marketing Tata Hitachi

In addition to this, the organisation has introduced Consite – : A next-generation service solution that utilises Information Communication Technology ( ICT ) , to deliver monthly reports to customers . Providing both summary reports that give an overview of the operation of all the fleet owner’s machines, and detailed reports that show information about individual machines. Customer education programs are conducted to help them infer the data and take necessary initiatives to improve site efficiency and thereby profitability.

We have also introduced a remote fleet management system with our Global e – Service offering. This allows the customer easy access to onsite machines, helping him access operating information real time to increase machine productivity and reduce downtime. This is a convenient and simple system which has been designed to give customers valuable information regarding the operations, maintenance, system parameters and alarms of their machines from the convenience of their offices.

Our Super+ series of hydraulic excavators and our all new backhoe loader Shinrai are equipped with INSITE – a new telematics suite. Armed with a GPRS based remote machine monitoring application, INSITE helps the customer view machine location and operation through alerts.

However, there are challenges:

  • In India, we have a long way to go as familiarization of the IoT features with the users/operator is an emerging subject & skill sets to adopt the same is a challenge.
  • OEMs are facing challenges in making the system useful to customers.
  • These IoT systems use telematics to communicate to the company server for centrally aggregating of the data for the customer. While India has a wide mobile network, there are some areas that are not covered by the network or have patchy coverage. This leads to delay / bunching of data for communication from the machine. Therefore, the customer sees a dated data of the machine or we will not have the current status of the machines.

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