KBL Firefighting Valves: Innovative Firefighting Solutions

Kirloskar FM/UL valves generally conform to IS 14846 standards for dimensions, materials of construction and constructional features, as per the need of the application. These sluice valves are metal-seated type with an option for non-rising spindle/rising spindle operation, different type of operators and accessories, and have a proven performance.

The products included in a fire protection system, such as valves and hydrants need to be highly reliable, as they are installed in systems that help protect human life against fire accidents. Obviously, such systems and instruments must be easy to maintain and long lasting. The system downtime for maintenance and replacement is cost to concern, risky and must be carried out at the least rate.

Kirloskar Brothers Limited (KBL) always believes in IRA (Innovative + Reliable + Affordable) products, with the highest standards. KBL’s fire protection products are UL & FM certified. The company’s products are approved by well-recognised Institutes & are used in fire protection systems globally.

KBL offers a large range of valve products for both indoor and outdoor fire protection applications, such as NRS gate valves, OS&Y gate valves and post indicators. KBL offers a wide range and types of flanged gate valves, all of which are perfectly suited for various fire protection installations.