KBL's Firefighting Equipment -

KBL’s Firefighting Equipment

Kirloskar Brothers Limited (KBL), the largest manufacturer and exporter of centrifugal pumps in India, is one of the leading global providers of fluid handling solutions. KBL has been supplying fire protection pumps and packages since many decades. KBL’s fire pumping system ensures adequate water supply at required pressure in emergency conditions.

KBL has a wide range of pumps developed exclusively for fire-fighting applications; for instance, the ‘FR’ and ‘MSF’ series. ‘FR’ series is FM approved and UL listed; MSF is also UL listed. The fire-equipment sector of KBL offers three categories of fire-fighting sets, namely standard firefighting set, Multi-Stage Multi Outlet (MSMO) firefighting set and containerised firefighting set.

KBL fire pump packages focus on diesel engine driven pump set, main fire pump – FM approved/UL listed, diesel engine – FM approved/UL listed heat exchanger cooled, engine controller – FM approved/UL listed, drive shaft and secondary water-cooling loop.

The MSMO fire-fighting pumps for high-rise and super high-rise buildings help in reducing footprint by up to 40% and thus save ample space, which can be used for car parks. These space saving pumps are equipped with five discharge outlets that are suitable for up to 100 storey buildings with discharge capacity of up to 700 m3/ hr. This portable package system can be installed in school & colleges, mid-size hospitals and restaurants, railway stations, congested market places, under construction sites and bus-depot.

Various pumps, such as end-suction pump-set with flow range up to 2500 US gpm, HSC pump-set with a flow range up to 5000 US gpm and VT pump-set with a flow range up to 5000 US gpm, are among the most popular KBL products in the market.

KBL’s firefighting product offerings also include its water mist fire protection system for defence installations & submarines. KBL’s fire-fighting package system has been installed in some of the most prominent building structures across the world, such as Burj Al Arab, Atlantis Palm Hotel, Yas Marina Hotel and Emirate Palace (UAE), World Trade Centre (1, 2) and World Trade Memorial (New York, U.S.), Sydney Opera House (Australia), The Shard, BBC Broadcaster House and The Gherkin (London, U.K.) and Marina Bay Sands Hotel (Singapore), among others.

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