Kirloksar Brothers Limited: Triple Duty Valve

Kirloskar Brothers Limited (KBL) is a global fluid management solutions provider and the largest Indian manufacturer and exporter of centrifugal pumps and valves. It is the first valve manufacturing company in India to be ISO 9001/ISO 1001/ISO 50001/OHSAH 18001 accredited/ CE marked/FM approved & UL listed.

It manufactures valves ranging from 25mm to 5000mm in various design standards and material constructions as per customer needs/specifications. KBL has been manufacturing and supplying range of valves for various types of applications in the chemical industry. The KBL valves applicable for the chemical sector are resilient seat gate valves, tamper proof kinetic air valves, butterfly valves, forged steel gate valves, steam trap device, suction diffuser, etc..

One of the other valves that KBL manufactures is the triple duty valve. It is a noise free operating multi-purpose valve that performs all the required functions on the discharge side of the Hydronic System Pumps (HVAC). Apart from the chemical industry, the valves also have other industrial applications in pharmaceutical manufacturing plants, bottling plants, and chemicals and food & beverage industries. Besides industrial applications, the valves also witness a high demand in the building and construction sector and are widely installed in multi-storied buildings, malls, airports, etc.

The single valve behaves as an isolating-cum-regulating-cum-non-return valve.  The disc opening responds even at 25% of the rated pressure of the valve. The spring will assist in disc closure soon after the pressure drops down to prevent flow reversal and water hammering. The hand-wheel rotation assists in adjusting the flow discharge through the valve. In addition, its centre guided soft seal disc ensures zero leakage.

The rising spindle design includes a position indicator (on request) for accurate disc positioning for throttling service. There is a provision for fitment of standard gauge taps at both the inlet and outlet side.

The triple duty valve is made from cast-iron or ductile iron or cast steel with a stainless steel trim. Its flange drilling is customised to IS/BS/ASME/ANSI standards in view of meeting the desired requirements (on request).

The primary feature of this low pressure drop & balancing valve with by-pass function is its unique re-positional inlet body for angle mounting configuration.

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