LEED Certification to Shairu Gems – GREYWATER

Shairu Gems has been awarded the IGBC’s LEED Gold India certification. The facility is equipped with the next generation GREWA-R STP that treats and recycles 100,000 L of wastewater per day. The treated water is used for HVAC makeup, flushing, landscaping etc.

GREYWATER, is a Mumbai based specialized technology company that is operating with a mission to change the way world treats sewage, waste water and effluent. Ranked as top 5 startups to look out for by Entrepreneur magazine, GREYWATER has worked endlessly in last three years to develop technology to make water recycling and reuse possible for every household in India. These systems are the need of the hour in commercial , residential , hospitality and industrial sectors.

Greywater mission: Save our planet and ensure Cleaner water and greener earth for all.

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