Madhya Pradesh waits with bated breath for oxygen | Bhopal News -

Madhya Pradesh waits with bated breath for oxygen | Bhopal News

BHOPAL: Chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that ensuring oxygen supply is the top priority of the state government in the management of Covid infection.
Today, more than 11,000 people have recovered after winning the battle against Corona.

Chouhan was addressing a virtual meeting of Corona Control Core Group from the residence regarding prevention and arrangements of Covid 19.
The meeting also discussed the responsibilities entrusted to the ministers for monitoring and implementing the works of Covid control.
Strategies for infection control will have to be developed at the micro level after studying the areas where the infection is high in cities and villages.
Efforts should be made to prevent infection from spreading and eliminate it by making these areas a micro containment zones.
Oxygen air route for Bhopal, Gwalior: Chief minister said that every possible effort is being made to supply oxygen in the state.
In a discussion with the Union Minister of Railways, Piyush Goyal, it has been decided that the Ministry of Railways will provide oxygen train to Bhopal for Madhya Pradesh.
This train will reach Bhopal from Bokaro via Ranchi. In which oxygen-filled tankers will be brought to Madhya Pradesh. After the Indore-Jamnagar air route, now oxygen will be supplied to Madhya Pradesh from Gwalior, Ranchi and Bhopal-Ranchiair route.
Empty oxygen cylinders from Madhya Pradesh will be flown to Ranchi for refilling from Bhopal and Gwalior by Air Force aircraft, and the filled tankers will return from thereby road.
Chouhan said that the possibilities of making necessary arrangements for converting the nitrogen tankers for oxygen and bringing the tankers on the train should also be worked out. Two high-level groups of officers have been formed for the supply of oxygen and distribution in its state.
Covid Care Centres
He said that the minister in charge and the OIC should pay special attention to the condition of the people living in home isolation, the system of providing medicines and advice.
Every effort should be made that patients recover while in home isolation. In the review of the arrangements at Covid Care Centres, it was informed that 9 thousand 41 isolation beds have been arranged in 155 Covid Care Centres and 618 Oxygen Beds in 32 centres.
Chouhan asks industries to look for a solution to oxygen crisis
Faced with a crisis of medical oxygen, chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has turned towards the industrialists and urged them to come out with a solution to meet the scarcity. In a video conference some members of the National executive committee of the Federation of India Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) on Saturday, Chouhan asked the industrial fraternity to suggest ideas for rapid transportation of oxygen.
Chouhan who has been staying indoors for the past few days said the corona curfew has led to a considerable amount of decline in the Covid cases in the MP which have started stabilizing. “From 25, it has come down to 23 %,” he said.
Siddarth Jain, director of Inox Air Products that contribute to 50% of the medical oxygen market in India was also present in the meeting. Chouhan said, “you can solve the crisis”.
In October last year, Madhya Pradesh announced an oxygen plant by Inox Air products in Hoshangabad district and it was scheduled to come up in one year’s period. However, the plant will take at least 2 years’ time to complete.
Government sources wondered why CM did not ask the director of Inox air products in the video conference to speed up the construction work at war footing.
Chouhan urged the industry to come forward and support the government in ensuring a regular supply of oxygen and its transportation. “We also have the issue of oxygen tankers in the state and we have now started airlifting the oxygen tankers from Bhopal and Gwalior. This will further reduce the transportation time and the government will further take steps to smoothen the process,” he added. FICCI can play a major role in this, he said.
“We also need the support of the industry in getting the ventilators, oxygen cylinders, oxygen concentrators, medicines and medical equipment,” he emphasized.
The government, he said, has decided to set up small oxygen plants in all 52 district hospitals of the state. He also assured the industry of full government support in running the business during Covid time.
The chief minister said, “We brought the concept of Corona Curfew so that people do not come out without any reason. Thanks to this, we have been able to bring down the positivity rate from 25% to 23 per cent in the state.

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