Maharashtra Fresh restrictions: What is allowed, what is not -

Maharashtra Fresh restrictions: What is allowed, what is not

Who can use local trains?

Only government personnel and health workers will be allowed the use of local trains. No one else even notified as essential services or under exemptions as per government orders will be allowed. Government includes local governments like MCGM, TMC and other corporations, Zilla Parishad and government authorities and statutory commissions, agencies.

Do all banks need to function at 15% capacity?

Yes. Banks fall under essential services category. All banks to function as per 15% capacity only (or 5, whichever is more).

Who can avail of taxi, autorickshaw services?

People from essential and exempted categories, for medical emergencies, for valid reasons such as exams, travel to and from airports, boarding long-distance trains and bus stops.

Is inter-district travel permitted?

Inter-district travel by private cars or vehicles other than buses and long-distance trains is permitted but only for essential reasons. This may include medical emergency, death in family, etc. People may take long-distance trains and buses but will be subject to screening at alighting points. If they have symptoms, they will be placed in institutional care, 14 days’ home quarantine even for those testing negative.

Will travellers be asked for proofs at district borders?

There is no pass system established for now. Reasonable proofs should be accepted.

Can doctors and medical personnel travel across districts without any restrictions?

Yes. Doctors and medical personnel can travel across districts using personal, private, public transport on the basis of an identity card issued to them by the competent authorities and their establishments. It is expected that reason for travel is medical and health-related.

Can someone stuck in one city or another state travel in personal cars to hometown?

Is inter-district business travel allowed? Can people with flight bookings travel from cities in Maharashtra to Mumbai airport by cab?

Persons stuck in other states may come in through flights or long-distance trains or long-distance buses and take taxis, public transport to residence. Inter-district business travel not allowed. It may be allowed if their origin city does not have an airport and every traveller in the taxi has a boarding pass.

Is travel permitted for lawyers and clerks?

Advocates’ offices are open as essential services, and hence travel for work is a valid reason. They, however, are not allowed by local trains, Metro, Mono Rail. They may travel by private cars, taxis or public or private buses.

Government office visitors.

Not allowed. Public may be allowed to enter registrars’ offices with prior appointment, and even these offices shall work with 15% attendance.

About schools, colleges, universities.

Schools, colleges and universities closed. However, teaching and non-teaching staff may go to the campus at 15% capacity (or 5, whichever is more).

Who needs to undergo RTPCR/RAT/Tru Nat test?

Compulsory for staff involved in examinations, i.e supervisors, invigilators etc and for staff of wedding halls like caterers and waiters, among others.

Home delivery allowed by e-commerce personnel only?

Home delivery is allowed by anyone authorized to serve customers. They may nor may not belong to an e-commerce firm.

Timings of shops.

All grocery, vegetable and fruit shops, dairies, bakeries, confectionaries, all type of food shops, shops related to agricultural implements and farm produce, pet food and materials for impending monsoon to be open between 7 am to 11 am. Home delivery may be allowed between 7 am to 8 pm. Chemists are open until 8 pm.

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