Mangaluru: Rules are locked in books, construction materials heaped on roads -

Mangaluru: Rules are locked in books, construction materials heaped on roads

Daijiworld Media Network – Mangaluru (SP)

Mangaluru, Apr 3: A look at places in the city where construction is progressing reveals that the concerned do not show even a part of the enthusiasm they show when procuring the licence, in sticking to the rules.

Over a hundred buildings are under different stages of construction in the city now. Most of them are coming up next to the roads. For many people, sand, stones, mud, interlocks, concrete mixer etc block the roads as they are stored on the road, without considering that they are obstructing the free movement of others and inconveniencing vehicles riders.

As per rules, these materials cannot be heaped by the roadside. At the time the city corporation issues permission for construction, this fact is clearly mentioned but no one follows these rules as violators are not penalised.

Sand heaped by the roadside can cause the two-wheeler tyres to skid. We can see sand and other items having been heaped on the roadside and footpaths at jail road, Kankanady, Bejai, Valencia, M G Road, Bunts Hostel etc. In some places, building waste is dumped in vacant government site. Loads of demolition waste can be seen having been dumped by the side of Mary Hill helipad road.

Tippers carrying mud and sand for huge projects spill sand on the roads when moving as they are uncovered. They have turned concrete roads into mud roads. This mud gives rise to dust during the summer and slush during the rainy season. They cause accidents as the brakes of vehicles do not properly work when wheels move on these substances. The corporation officials do not seem to be ensuring compliance with rules. People say that in case of violation, all the stock and equipment should be seized and the concerned should be acted against.

People feel that those who are in the construction business do not care for the problems of commoners as no one questions them for violations. Unless some stern steps are taken, the situation cannot be hoped to improve, they say. City mayor, Premananda Shetty, says that action will be taken against those who use roads to stock their materials.




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