NATO Chief hails India as 'world player'; highlights security challenges involving China -

NATO Chief hails India as ‘world player’; highlights security challenges involving China

While speaking at Raisina Dialogue 2021 on Tuesday, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Chief Jens Stoltenberg said that India plays the role of “pivotal player” in the Indo-Pacific region and shares many security challenges with the world body. These international challenges range from Afghanistan to international terrorism and maritime security. He further added that both India and NATO are facing these security challenges. 

The secretary-general went on expressing NATO’s thoughts of strengthening partnership with India. 

“The worth of strengthening our partnership with like-minded democracies such as India, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and South Korea, that stand up for the rules-based international order,” added Jens Stoltenberg.

Stoltenberg further added that India and NATO should work together to overcome these challenges. The secretary-general was speaking at a virtual event organized by the Ministry of External Affairs and Observer Research Foundation (ORF). He also remarked that India is the largest troop contributor, “important, and active international actor” to UN’s peacekeeping missions. 

“India and NATO share several security challenges from Afghanistan, international terrorism, and maritime security. NATO and India should consult, coordinate and take concerted action together. India truly matters on the global scene.” said secretary-general Jens Stoltenberg.

Rise of China is a global issue

Stoltenberg reminded that while security challenges on an international level are there it cannot be ignored that the rise of China is a global issue. This problem has implications all over the world. He further talked about the threats imposed by China. 

He also claimed that China is trying to challenge the rules-based international order. 

“We see new forceful moves by Beijing to challenge the rules-based international order. It is openly threatening Taiwan, coercing its neighbors, and blocking navigation in the South China Sea. China’s rise has huge implications for our security,” mentioned Stoltenberg. 

NATO Chief said that China’s investment in its military power is the main concern. According to Stoltenberg China has tripled its military expenditure, it is now trying to match the military power to economic power and trying to develop the military sector of the country on a higher level. He lastly added that China is persecuting ethnic Uyghurs.  



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