Nexus of builders, owners & officials to blame for tragedy : The Tribune India -

Nexus of builders, owners & officials to blame for tragedy : The Tribune India

OPEN HOUSE: What needs to be done to check violation of building bylaws?

People should complain of foul play

Many people have lost their lives in the roof collapsed accidents. Such accidents happen due to the bad and cheap material used in construction. Also, the collusion of the builders and officials concerned is the root cause of blatant violation of building by-laws. The government should keep a hawk’s eye on such officials to curb such unlawful actions. People should also complain if they find any foul play.

Gurpreet Kaur

Punish guilty

The Municipal Corporation should set up a special cell of officers to investigate and monitor the illegal construction of the buildings. Workers must be provided with full safety measures and regulations. Unavailability of safety in any case must be punishable by law and the respective persons must be fined or punished accordingly.

Amarpreet Kaur

Don’t pass burden on taxpayers

Illegal construction of buildings had caused many mishaps in the past. Nothing has been done for the proper implementation of building bylaws. Financial loss as well as loss of lives, both are unbearable. Big contractors bribe officials and get their work done. The state government should make strict rules and regulations about the menace. Investigations should be done at proper time and at regular intervals. Culprits should be fined. Owners should be made liable for the deaths and injuries of the workforce due to these mishaps. Taxpayers’ money should not be used for compensating the workers as these accidents are the result of the negligence of the contractors and owners, not the taxpayers.

Ritu Priya

Impose fine

To stop illegal activities, the state government should impose heavy fine on those who violate the law.


Officials should conduct periodic inspections

The government has issued various norms which are mandatory to be followed by the owner but not much attention is paid to these safety norms. If all norms and conditions are not followed then the government should take a very strict action against those who are violating the norms. Officials should inspect each industry periodically and must ensure whether building is constructed as per law of corporation otherwise in case of any untoward accident inspecting or issuing no objection authority should be held responsible too. They must also investigate the past accident and should check the records lying with the owner of the factory. Workers working in those industries where risk of fire and other accidents is more must work with safety kits. It should be mandatory to wear safety kits before starting the work. Proper care and attention be paid towards the health problems if any worker suffers with. A warning must be issued to those factories where these norms are not used and those who violate his licence may be cancelled.

Dr Mohd Saleem Farooqui

Set up special cell to nab violators

The lenient attitude of the field staff embolden violators’ spirits leading to spurt in illegal activities. Even regulatory measures by the GLADA proved to be slack as unscrupulous activities continue with impunity. Challans are being issued under Section 269 of the Punjab Municipal Corporation Act but it becomes deplorable when political parties aid residents. Various measures such as setting up a special cell and proper awareness campaigns should be organised. Residents can use smartphones to expose the dubious nature of field staff.

Vincy Trehan

Take stern action

It is really surprising how such an illegal activity such as lifting of the lentil with jacks go on with impunity under the nose of the Municipal Corporation. Surely, the employees of the MC are not discharging their duties properly. The building owners are also equally responsible for the tragedy as they acted in a selfish manner paying scant regard to human life. The higher authorities must act sternly against the guilty and concrete efforts must be made so that such type of incidents can be avoided thereby saving life as well as property. We should also become responsible and never wait for any tragic happening to take place to make us feel to be so.

Bir Devinder Singh Bedi

People’s safety top priority

A safety norm refers to the state of being in accordance with established safety standards and regulations. It is the duty of all owners of their respective factories to comply with safety regulations that are relevant to their industry including the construction of factories as per law. When employers put safety first, they are effectively eliminating accidents and helping employees to perform their jobs without fear and anxiety. With this exercise workers will enter into the factory with a positive attitude. The most common problems which are dangerous for the employee are fire, chemical fire, short circuit of electricity and collapse of building etc. Each employer must have a cell in his firm to ensure whether all workers have worn safety kits and all fire extinguishers are in working conditions and there should not be any loose wire or connection. This cell must impart education and training to avoid any accident if it occurs. The views of employees must be invited to know how to better implement these norms. Corporations should not allow and issue certificates for construction purposes before inspecting the location and size of a factory. It must be away from residential areas.

Farzana Khan

Implement laws in letter and in spirit

Why the brazen violation of building bylaws permitted by the authorities needs an in-depth study. Either the officials concerned are hand in glove with violators or there is an immense political pressure. Not only the administration should implement all bylaws in letter and in spirit but those who are getting the construction work done should also do introspection before indulging any illegal activities. They should understand that they are accountable for any untoward consequences because of their wrongdoings. The defaulter should be given an exemplary punishment.

Dr Sunil Chopra

Failure on MC’s part

Violations of the building byelaws in the city reflect the failure of the Municipal Corporation that it is not able to manage its responsibility to control them. In the process of construction of any building/house, the first step is to obtain official clearance of the building plan from the corporation. Its building section must be watchful first at that stage that building bye laws are not flouted. In the next step, the corporation field officers/building engineers go around in the city and their duties include to watch if there are any unauthorised constructions which can be even dismantled. The duties of these officials also include to check that all constructions in the city are as per approved plans by the corporation and there are no violations. Action should be taken against errant officials. Also, senior officers of the building branch must move around and ensure that there is no bribing of the field officers by those doing violations.

Gautam Dev

Corruption prime reason behind tragedy

Corruption is the real cause of the mishap. It is shocking that five person lost their lives in the accident. The prime reason of such sordid happening is due to corrupt atmosphere prevalent in our official system. The instructions of building bylaws are not followed. Money is taken in all the stages of construction of any building. The government needs to take firm stand. Stringent punishment should be given to the offender. Use of digital method should be adopted in order to save people from the dubious role of middleman. The less the participation of government offices to get the approval of building construction the better it is. It should be in our mind that such corrupt methods are used jointly, so it needs to stop by the efforts of government.

JBS Nanda


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