Ola electric car reportedly in the making -

Ola electric car reportedly in the making

Ola electric car reportedly in the making | Representative image

Ola electric car reportedly in the making | Representative image&nbsp

Ola has grand plans for electric vehicles in India is not news — after all, the company has already revealed its upcoming electric scooter in India, started construction of the world’s largest two-wheeler factory, and also started off the process to establish the world’s largest EV charging network for its customers. So, yeah, Ola has big, big EV plans; however, most of us believed these plans were focused, at least for now, on an electric two-wheeler. Turns out, the ride hailing company’s electric subsidiary has much bigger plans. Yep, according to new media reports, Ola has kicked off work to foray into the electric passenger vehicle segment in India. This decision, the reports add, comes in service of Ola’s plans to acquire an early mover advantage in India’s embryonic EV market.

Unfortunately, not much else is known about the upcoming EV, especially in reference to what it may look like. Nonetheless, the Autocar report claims that the upcoming Ola electric car will be underpinned by a “born-electric skateboard” platform and will be a compact city car in all probability. In fact, the reports go on to add that even the vehicle will likely offer a rather non-impressive driving range, it will endeavour to win over buyers with a competitive price tag. The company intends to develop the electric car within India; in fact, Ola is already working on establishing a global design centre in Bengaluru. 

As for charging infrastructure, there’s the Hypercharger network that we mentioned earlier. Set to be established across India over the next five years, the network is expected to include about 1,00,000 EV charging stations in India. But it must be noted that so far, Ola has spoken of the charging network only in the context of its electric scooters. We will have to wait and see how it will also cater to electric car charging requirements, if at all.

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