Organizations Extend BIM Review from the Office to the Field and Improve Project Coordination

Organizations across many industries are using Bentley’s BIM Review applications to coordinate the exchange of 3D digital models and project documents among engineering, construction, and completions professionals, leading to improved project outcomes. The Bentley BIM Review Visa provides users access to Bentley Navigator and OpenRoads Navigator, as well as Bentley’s Navigator Mobile, ProjectWise Edge, and ProjectWise WorkSite mobile applications to support BIM review workflows in the office, site, and field. With the BIM Review Visa organizations can set a subscription level that matches anticipated usage and are billed only for what they use.

Engineers, constructors, and inspectors benefit by having access to models and project information in the field. Using Bentley’s BIM Review applications and apps design firms can facilitate the coordination of disciplines, speed design approvals, and reduce re-designs. Construction teams can collaborate with the office to gain insight into project planning and execution details, and quickly resolve issues found in the field. Operational professionals gain visibility into an asset’s information with complete 3D visual context, leading to improved safety and speeding inspections and maintenance.

Cory Brugger, director, design technology, Morphosis, said, “The design and development of innovative buildings is dependent upon the quality of information and speed at which the project team can receive feedback from an iterative design process. We rely on the development of an integrated project BIM as a central part of this process. The reliability of Bentley’s products provided our design team with the tools necessary to successfully deliver the Hanking Center Tower. The success of this highly innovative, iconic skyscraper is supported by Bentley’s modeling platforms, which provided an environment for the development and communication of accurate and highly interoperable information for the multi-national team involved in the project.”

The widespread adoption of BIM Review is showcased in this year’s 2016 Be Inspired Awards nominations:

  • Innovation in Building: Hanking Center Tower

Bentley’s Navigator Mobile and apps allowed the engineering team and the local design institute in China to access up-to-date 3D models, coordinate changes, and review construction documents. The integrated 3D design process, seamless workflow, and cross-platform interoperability among architect, consultants, and subcontractors enabled unprecedented design exploration and comprehensive systems coordination. Iterative modeling expedited the optioneering and rapid prototyping that ensured constructability of this 350-meter-tall tower by Morphosis.

  • Innovations in Government: Build LAACD Using Bentley Navigator and Navigator Mobile, Los Angeles Community College District and Build LAACD enabled over 500 project participants to access a comprehensive collection of information about their campuses and facilities managed by ProjectWise. The results were a 12 percent reduction in labor costs and USD 12 million in savings through reduced search time, less rework due to improved version control, and improved collaboration.
  • Innovation in Project Delivery: Northern Line Extension Responding to the employers’ information requirements (EIRs), Ferrovial O’Rourke (FLO) worked collaboratively on a BIM execution plan to deliver the Northern Line Extension. FLO and Mott McDonald conducted weekly BIM reviews using Bentley Navigator to readily identify issues and resolve project clashes, minimizing design iterations. Bentley Navigator facilitated design discussions on the construction site enabling the engineers, site engineers, and health and safety teams to plan better and work in a safer, virtual environment.
  • Innovation in Roads: Ningzhen Road Remodeling the Ningzhen Road, Huahui Engineering and Design Group employed BIM processes across disciplines to manage the project. Along with the use of Bentley’s ProjectWise, MicroStation, and OpenRoads applications, Bentley Navigator was adopted to coordinate trade designs and perform schedule simulation and manage issue resolution and clash detection. This resulted in a project savings of RMB 6 million.
  • Innovation in Water Treatment Plants: Changi Water Reclamation Plant Phase 2 Expansion

During the Changi Water Reclamation Plant Phase 2 Expansion project, CH2M implemented Bentley Navigator to allow the various disciplines to conduct BIM reviews of the latest plant designs in ProjectWise. Multi-discipline designs were visualized together to better plan ongoing design work. Interdisciplinary reviews were conducted early in the design process enabling a more coordinated outcome without extensive modifications or rework.

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