Outdoor Volleyballs: So That You Enjoy The Game Impeccably | Most Searched Products -

Outdoor Volleyballs: So That You Enjoy The Game Impeccably | Most Searched Products

People who play outdoor volleyball know the criticality of choosing the right volleyball for the game. Typically, outdoor volleyballs are sewn together and hence you can see the threads. This makes outdoor volleyballs more durable, making them an ideal choice to play on rough surfaces. The heavyweight of these outdoor volleyballs ensures that heavy wind does not influence the outcome of the match.

So, if you are interested in buying outdoor volleyballs, check out some of the amazing options available online in India:

Outdoor Volleyballs

Purchase this exquisite volleyball from Nivia that comes in size 4 and in a diameter of 9 inches. The offered volleyball is stitched using premium-grade leather & rubber and comes in yellow & blue color. Along with this, the offered volleyball is appreciated for its 18-panel construction and durability. This volleyball is available in the 21 x 21 x 21 cm dimension and weighs around 270 grams. Other features include high air retention butyl bladder, abrasion resistance, and soft texture.

This volleyball from Wilson Rubber is an excellent choice for amateur and professional gameplay. Available with a sponged back cover, this outdoor volleyball comes with a butyl rubber bladder ensuring extended air retention. Moreover, this outdoor volleyball is versed with a suede outer shell, ensuring an easier grip on the ball. The offered product is available in the 20.3 x 20.3 x 20.3 cm dimension and weighs around 340 grams.

Get this awesome volleyball from Cosco in size 4. The offered Cosco shot football is made using first-string rubber on the outer surface and PU leather on the inside. In addition to this, the offered volleyball comes in the 24 x 12.6 x 12.2 cm dimension and weighs around 410 grams. This volleyball is versed with good backing for better shape retention. Ideal for outdoor play, this volleyball is known for its molded construction, butyl bladder, and durability.

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Don’t miss this superior outdoor volleyball that is available in free size. This outdoor volleyball is made using fine-grade rubber and weighs around 480 grams. Along with this, the offered volleyball is known for its features like tear-resistance, stupendous performance, appealing design, durable nature, and excellent handling. This product is befitting for beginners and intermediate-level players.

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Spartan brings to you this impeccable outdoor volleyball that is approved by VFI (Volleyball Federation of India). Available in size 4, this outdoor volleyball comes in yellow color and is hand-stitched using A-Okay leather. In addition to this, the offered product weighs around 480 grams and is known for its attributes like durability, robust construction, tear-proof nature, high strength, excellent shape retention, and high strength,

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