Plea in Delhi HC seeks halt of construction work as a potential COVID super spreader -

Plea in Delhi HC seeks halt of construction work as a potential COVID super spreader

A plea has been filed before the Delhi High Court to halt the construction of the Central Vista redevelopment project in view of the COVID-19 situation in the country and the threat posed by the construction work as a potential super spreader.

The petition questioned the decision of the Deputy Commissioner of Police, New Delhi to issue movement passes in the ‘essential services’ category to vehicles engaged in the development and redevelopment of Central Vista Avenue, allowing them to operate during curfew and lockdown in view of ‘exigencies of government work’.

“Petitioners are questioning why or how the project constitutes an ‘essential service’, merely because some executive mandated contractual deadline has to be met. Further, it is the petitioners’ respectful submission that in the current dismal scenario, this project has no feature of “essentiality” for and/or of “service” to the public at large,” the plea said, as per a Bar & Bench report.

The petition also claimed that the “relentless, unmindful and reckless act” of carrying on the project poses a threat to the lives of the citizens of Delhi and beyond, including the lives of the work force/labour engaged in the project.

The construction work has the potential of being a super spreader, and is in clear breach and violation of the orders passed by the Delhi Disaster Management Authority, the petitioners submitted.

The matter came up for hearing on Wednesday before a Bench headed by Chief Justice DN Patel, who said that the Bench wants to study the judgment delivered by the Supreme Court in this regard before it hears the matter.

“We are not issuing notice,” the High Court clarified. The matter was thus posted for hearing on May 17.

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