Ports in India to be best in world soon

AB Sea Container Pvt. Ltd, a globally diversified company who have successfully completed a decade in the services of Manufacturing and Refurbishment of Shipping Containers for various purposes other than Shipment, Transport and Cargo​, like Homes, Offices, Caravans, etc ​creating and sustaining safe, comfortable and efficient environments. Kartiki Lawate, spoke to Hansraj Budhiraja, C​EO, AB Sea Container Pvt. Ltd on their containers equipped with solar panel and improvements in the ports in India.

Can you brief us a bit more about your project of genset container and containers equipped with solar panels?
We have produced genset container as canopy for DG sets. As to cater huge KVA outputs strong and durable canopy is required and containerising it further aid in the transportation internationally. The power output for these DGs 1010 KVA, 1250 KVA, 500KVA, 600 KVA, 625KVA, 750KVA and 800 KVA.
Other than this as per the requirement of size of DG set container canopy can be put into different size. Container equipped with solar panels has a separate room battery storage. Proper ventilation for Battery room and removable mechanism for solar panels.

Usage of solar panels will be increasing in the near future, what is your say on this?

As the awareness for more green power consumption and production is spreading, utilisation of panels has further increased three-fold. Above that to have a secure and sustained future, we all must move towards green energy solutions. Government has taken some righteous initiatives to support green power consumption and production. Further solar panels are quite flexible in the aspect of movability. With light weight and malleable structure as per requirement, a lot of benefits can be derived by solar panels.

Please inform us about your CSR activities in details?

The understanding of AB Sea CSR concepts and the voluntary development of related activities is under process. In future, the company will be implementing improvement and reforms to create values for customers and is autonomously established by means of the management system.

Do you feel that the port sin India are up to the standard of the forging ports?
Ports in India are trying to do their best, with the available resources. The rising concern from the government in this sector has also pushed towards the further betterment of port operations and stakeholders. Everything starts with a few setbacks but with constant upgrades and R&D anything can be conquered.

Any suggestions on the way to improve the ports in India?
With further resources at disposal and emphasising more on privatisation, ports in India can be made the best in world. We have that potential as Indians, but it can only be probable with the right exposure and resources accessibility at disposal. More government schemes and further emphasis on logistics sector can immense the change we are highly anticipating.

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