Prem Raj Keshyep MD KYB Conmat Believes in Customer Commitment

Prem Raj Keshyep MD KYB Conmat Believes in Customer Commitment

Passion For New Technology and Customer Commitment drives success for KYB CONMAT according to Prem Raj Keshyap Managing Director of the company

As India’s leading manufacturer of hydraulic and electronic products for construction, automobiles, aircraft, trains, ships and industrial application KYB in association with CONMAT is producing world’s finest Concrete Construction Equipment’s with the support of Japanese technology used as a global manufacturing hub for Concrete Batching Plants, Concrete Paving Machines, Concrete Pumps and Transit Mixers. Talking about the history of Conmat Group of Industries Prem Raj Keshyep MD KYB Conmat said shared it started with an humble beginning in the year 2002 from a small 200 sqft rented space to manufacture material handling systems and diversified into Concrete Construction Equipment in 2009 at Vadodara. The moment of glory came with equity partnership from the Global giant KYB Corporation of Japan in 2012, which is a trusted name and market leader in Concrete Equipment Industry.

Today the group has 70 manufacturing locations in 34 countries, having annual turnover of over 21,000 crores and employing over 12,500 professionals. The company has set up a state of the art R&D and manufacturing facilities in Vadodara, Gujarat, which spreads over 5,00,000 sq. ft. to produce technologically advanced yet economically viable equipment.

Prem Raj Keshyep MD KYB Conmat Believes in Customer Commitment
Prem Raj Keshyep MD KYB Conmat

New at Bauma ConExpo 2018

Prem Raj Keshyep Managing Director of the company during his interaction at Bauma ConExpo 2018 said events like Bauma ConExpo 2018 is very important for the company as they always look forward to introducing new offerings to its customers. KYB Conmat have a full range of equipment in the Indian market for various purposes, which are locally manufactured. These are exciting times for the country at large and the construction equipment sector in particular and we will strive to live up to the demands of the sector in every possible way. BC India – 2018 was a great platform to display our advanced products and we look forward to new avenues post the event. This year they introduced New Generation Stationary Batching Plant to curb city’s environmental concerns such as the dust pollution, space, energy and more such. This new equipment will be a solution to almost 80% of the city’s problem. Another important feature of KYB-Conmat Batching Plant is faster easy erection / dismantling at site. It has all welded frame structure that comes fully assembled from the factory in three parts.

KYB-Conmat is focused in its drive to provide world-class products with higher performance to price ratio and prompt after-sales service. As a part of a 98-year old group with 34 plants and 62 offices across the world. With the emerging new business models and trend, KYB-Conmat is focused in its drive to provide innovative design, state-of–the-art technology, and quality-based world-class products, with higher performance to price ratio and prompt after-sales service. We are planning to increase our presence in all the major cities of India and overseas and are associating with new channel partners to be closer to our customers, pan-India.

Besides displaying the new generation Stationary Batching Plants, Mobile Batching Plants, Road Paving Machines, Canal Paving Machines, Elevators, Concrete Pumps, Transit Mixers from 6 to 8 CuM capacity with PTO and slave engine. bauma CONEXPO INDIA—the International Trade Fair for Construction Machinery, Building Material Machines, Mining Machines and construction vehicles—provides the construction industry in India with a professional platform for networking, investment and the exchange of ideas and information. The most striking feature of KYB-Conmat Batching Plant is faster & easy erection / dismantling at site. It has all welded frame structure & comes fully assembled from the factory in three parts.

The year for KYB Conmat Machines

This year was extremely successful for the company that has received unprecedented response for all the products where the construction equipment industry is seeing a rapid growth in India owing to the developments planned for the country. Another important launch in BC India is Ryan Series. It is fully mobile plant having conveyer pulling aggregate. The new intelligent thing in the machines is apart from being compact the machine has self-diagnostic feature and remote diagnostic, which can operate without a machine engineer.  All that is needed is the customer connect and plant controller, the expert team in the office who can also handle the problem if related to the control system where the downtime of machines is reduced drastically. All new set of equipment machines from KYB Conmat are equipped with the control system in local languages where there is a choice of language selection according to the operator’s comfort.

KYB Conmat’s Definition of Growth

There was a small downturn because of liquidity in the last couple of months but the company’s business was least affected. It is growing, improving day after day, which has influenced KYB Conmat’s business in certain way. It has seen improvement and sales are improving coming back to the normal, very hopeful about the same. Irrespective of the market conditions KYB Conmat has been growing at the rate of 40% y-o-y for the last nine years, irrespective of any government or market scenario, it has been continuously growing because of the various things. First making customer as a priority always. Welcoming new technology, this helps the customers in introducing new technology every year resulting in new benefits. KYB Conmat known for introducing new technology every year, they have certain respect for our company and they know that.

Mr Keshyep Managing Director of KYB Conmat says, “Growth is the regular phenomena in KYB Conmat and I believe it will continue growing more in the future. We believe in giving something better to the customer and yielding good results according to the market requirement, when new technology is introduced it helps in expansion horizontally and vertically.

The Road Ahead

The year 2019 holds a great promise for the company irrespective of the apprehensions of change of the government. It will not have any impact on the company’s business if the resources are re-aligned along with the product range. Mr Keshyep said after every event like Bauma and Excon we see the uplift and we encash and extend our reach to the range of customers through this exhibition. This year also I expect the next 3-4 months will be very good.

Going further as a part of our learning there is always something new to learn and for 10 years now they have understood what the customer wants and at the same time we have also learnt what the customer needs. There is a difference between what customer wants and what it needs, the customer wants which has been educated to him what he need is  that the manufacturer should educate him of his product not about his of what he can sell , the manufacturer should understand what customer needs and develop the product accordingly. If the customer is educated as the leader of the market he we will be benefit out of it. We should not restrict ourselves in just selling the equipment but should also educate customers.

We want to lead the market. We do not want to follow it. Our guiding principle is; change the market before it changes you and we have been changing the market, changing the processes, changing consumers’ expectations and changing the mind-sets at an amazingly expeditious pace. However, there are few things, which are never going to change. Business is a journey and we should enjoy every moment of it. Success is just a milestone, and not the final destination, so the journey continues.

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