Team Egis is Proud to be Associated with The Statue of Unity -

Team Egis is Proud to be Associated with The Statue of Unity

Team Egis is Proud to be Associated with The Statue of Unity

Egis India Consulting Engineers Pvt Ltd was  engaged by M/s Sardar Sarovar Narmada Nigam Limited for providing Proof Consultancy Services For Scrutinizing, Vetting And Making Recommendations For Approval Of Detailed Engineering Designs And Drawings For The Architectural, Civil, Structural, Bronze Cladding And Exhibits of  182 Meter Tall Statue Of Unity Constructed In Memory Of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel At Sadhu Island, Near Sardar Sarovar Dam At Kevadia, Narmada, State Of Gujarat, India.

Team Egis is Proud to be Associated with The Statue of Unity
Team Egis is Proud to be Associated with The Statue of Unity

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Sandeep Gulati, Interim CEO, Egis India said that “Egis is synonymous with iconic infrastructure solutions across the world. We are extremely proud to be associated with this iconic structure, a first of its kind in the country. We take this opportunity to thank   M/s Sardar Sarovar Narmada Nigam Limited, for their faith in us and for their unstinted support throughout the project duration.” Mr. Vikas Chopra, COO, Egis India added that “This project has presented us the unique opportunity to showcase our global expertise and experience on a project of such a large scale. We are grateful to M/s Sardar Sarovar Narmada Nigam Limited for giving us this opportunity.”

Project Details

1Project DescriptionStatue of Unity at Kevadia is a project of national importance and is amongst world iconic statue structure, constructed in memory of iron man of India Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.
2Statue Height182.00m Tall Structure
3.Critical Design IssueWorld’s tallest statue structure as such its design is a technically challenging task keeping in view of criticality in terms of Basic Wind Speed of 50m/s and seismic loadings corresponding to Seismic Zone – IV.
4.FoundationConcrete cores of this tall Structure are founded on thick raft resting on a strong basalt formation within a drum wall which has been laterally supported at base to resist of base level forces.
5.Super-structureConcrete cores has been coupled by provision of coupling walls and torsion slabs to make them perform together against twisting modes of displacements.

Due to large extent of area exposed to wind loads, 2 Nos -200T Tuned Mass Dampers has been installed at view gallery level take control of lateral displacements.

6.Statue Cladding and supporting frameworkSizable Bronze panels for cladding needed to be supported adequately on wind girders which in turn were used to transfer external wind loads to main cores through a network of primary and secondary structural steel frame work.
7.View GalleryExhibition area 8000 Sqm of at four different levels with viewing gallery at chest height.


Services provided by Egis:

(A)  Design Phase


· Scrutiny and vetting and certification of Technical Studies, Design Norms, Procedures and Standards for the project.

·Technical audit and evaluation and certification structures and systems from the point of view of stability, sustainability, durability and safety.

· Structural engineering analysis

· Vetting and certification of geo technical investigations and environmental studies and related technical analysis.

· Vetting and certification of Project Management Plan: submitted by Project Management Consultant (PMC).

· Vetting and certification of Project Master Schedule encompassing all project activities submitted by EPC contractor / PMC.

· Submission of Monthly Report outlining all design engineering activities.

(B)  Design Development Phase


· Scrutinize, vet and certify detailed civil, structural, architectural, mechanical /electrical exhibit design, engineering designs and drawings submitted by EPC contractor.

·  Conduct Weekly Design Progress Meetings

· Obtain a Design/Construction Schedule from the EPC Contractor and review to ensure conformance with the overall master schedule

·  Monitor design progress

·  Manage Design Deliverables

· Advice the SSNNL of any Design issues that may impact cost, schedule or quality

· Coordinate the design review and approval process which the EPC contractor is responsible to secure.

(C)  Construction Phase· Check, scrutinize and certify shop drawings, construction drawings, vendor drawings submitted by the EPC contractor during the entire construction area.

· Ensure high quality and compliance with the design documents

· Prepare daily and weekly reports in addition to the Monthly Reports

·  Vet and certify all technical reports submitted by the EPC contractor

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