The $5bn Heart of Europe Development Aims to Bring a Taste of Europe to the Region -

The $5bn Heart of Europe Development Aims to Bring a Taste of Europe to the Region

The $5bn Heart of Europe Development Aims to Bring a Taste of Europe to the Region where the part of The World Islands Development, will feature six islands in total, offering 4,000 units when fully ready – 1,000 of which have been sold. The project is in the limelight because of its extravagant ‘floating seahorse’ villas – each costing upwards of Dhs15m ($4m) is now aiming to complete 40 of them by the end of this year, according to Josef Kleindienst, the Chairman of the developer Kleindienst Group. The company is building 131 seahorses in total, 60 of which have been sold. Furnished with Bentley Home interiors, the villas come complete with a private butler, a swimming pool and an underwater bedroom with a view of the ocean.

The $5bn Heart of Europe Development Aims to Bring a Taste of Europe to the Region
The $5bn Heart of Europe Development Aims to Bring a Taste of Europe to the Region

It is a sprawling uber-luxurious six-story palace with a room that continually churns out snow, a villa that floats in the ocean with a bedroom that offers views of colourful fish swimming outside; and an island with streets that will create rain – improbable as they sound. Proposed to be completed this year is the exclusive private Sweden Island that features 10 opulent beach palaces that includes a super-sized homemade to request from a customer. The palaces spanning a total built-up area of 26,445, except the super-sized one, have been sold to two European billionaires and eight royals from the Middle East. It is spread across six levels and include seven plush bedrooms (the master one even comes with a marble bathtub made with a single slab), a gym and fitness area, sauna room, a snow room, an infinity pool, a massive party hall with a glass roof and an open-air terrace with scenic views of Dubai.

Prices per unit started at Dhs30m ($8.16m) when sales first began, and have now increased to Dhs100m ($27.2m), according to Kleindienst. The second island slated for completion by the end of 2018 is Germany, which will include 32 residential villas. When ready, the island will host several themed events such as traditional carnivals, Schützenfest as well as the tremendously popular Oktoberfest. Another project within Heart of Europe that is aiming to open its doors to welcome New Year revelers is the Portofino hotel on the Mainland Europe island. Concrete work on the hotel only started this year, and Josef Kleindienst said the company was hoping to achieve a ‘record’ for being the first to build a hotel in one year in Dubai.

The five-star hotel, which will only cater to families (with children), will feature 452 rooms. The Mainland Europe Island will also feature other hotels as well as climate-controlled streets that create ‘rain, snow and blowing winds’ reminiscent of European weather. Snow- covered streets will also be crafted on the Switzerland Island, although further details are currently under design. According to the company, climate controlled streets will be created using German technology that redirects return air from buildings and hotels to air vents lining the streets. Water will then be filtered from the condensation pipe to produce the effect of rain. However, it is not just European weather that the development promises it will also boast 51 food and beverage outlets representative of each of the European countries and hold numerous festivals and events celebrating the region’s culture. Looking to cater to the yet underdeveloped ‘second-home’ market in the GCC region. The Heart of Europe development will offer a ‘Maldivian experience’ in Dubai the city’s most ambitious real estate project.

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