Transporters suffer losses due to 2-week restrictions | Jaipur News -

Transporters suffer losses due to 2-week restrictions | Jaipur News

Jaipur: State transporters have claimed that they had lost 40% of the business after the 14-day prohibition was imposed in the state despite the fact that there is no restriction on their movement. The heavy vehicles’ owners claimed that as there is no major demand for transportation apart from essential goods, their losses are increasing daily.
“While it is true that trucks and other heavy vehicles are allowed free movement, it does little to help our condition as we are either plying edible goods or medical essentials which does not compensate for the real products which were transported regularly and were our main source of income. These include industrial goods like heavy machinery, construction materials and automobiles. As there is complete stop on these, there is no profit at all and we are just trying to make ends meet,” said Anil Arora, president, Jaipur Transport Operators’ Association. Another reason, which transporters said was causing losses, was lack of staff as majority of operators were working with only 50% employees.


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