The “Ultimate Voice” of Real Estate

The “Ultimate Voice” of Real Estate. Apex real estate industry body of Maharashtra announced ‘Change of Guard’ as Dharmesh Jain handed over to the newly elected President, Mayur Shah amidst presence of luminaries from across banking and finance, legal and government sector people.

CREDAI-MCHIThe “Ultimate Voice” of Real Estate. The ceremony unveiled the flag of CREDAI MCHI alongside its “Vision Manifesto” outlining the key objective for the need for ‘Ease of Doing Business”. The focus of the new President Mayur Shah, CREDAI-MCHI would include rationalising processes by ensuring better timelines to get approvals on projects, improve business viability given the high land costs, build capabilities for delivery of projects in parallel to clean, green and skilled Mumbai.

As a part of the major goal for Vision 2022, the Managing Committee members had  taking oath towards Vision 2022 creating CLEAN MUMBAI by aiming 10 lakh Kgs of garbage management at buildings society level , GREEN MUMBAI by planting One lac trees across 1000 upcoming projects and attain SKILLED MUMBAI by training One lac labourers at construction sites across Mumbai.

The key highlight of the ceremony was also the felicitation of real heroes of Mumbai who have contributed towards the betterment of the city. As an industry body CREDAI-MCHI in the next two years will work towards fulfilling the housing needs and infrastructure development of Mumbai and MMR. The vision will be to facilitate and connect over 1800 developers across MMR for overall growth and development.

Ajoy Mehta, IAS, MCGM Commissioner, said “In 2015, when the new government had come into action, Dharmesh Jain took charge and ensured the beginning of EASE OF DOING BUSINESS however now in 2017, with RERA coming in as a challenge and an opportunity, we are looking forward to. Mayur Shah’s tenure with huge expectations and we will ensure full support from our Government.”

Added Mayur Shah, President of CREDAI-MCHI said, “We are hopeful to convert challenges into opportunities that are impacting the real-estate industry. The main focus during my tenure would be to improve business viability in MMR by rationalisation of taxes, premiums, achieve further ease of doing business aiming towards online approvals, building capabilities for quicker delivery of projects by members through continuous learnings about the best practices and prepare members for future changes like RERA, GST and DCR rules.”

Dharmesh Jain, Immediate Past President, CREDAI-MCHI said, “CREDAI-MCHI has emerged as a formidable body of developers with more than 1800 members, responsible for 80% of the organized development in Mumbai and MMR. Over the past two years, our engagement with the Government of Maharashtra has grown substantially and we have been a part of many important decisions taken in favour of real-estate industry. During the implementation of RERA, we extended our full support to the Government, which is aimed at bringing positive results for the real estate sector.”

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