Vinod Khanna’s three finest performances -

Vinod Khanna’s three finest performances

1. Achanak (1973): Vinod Khanna was Gulzar’s favourite actor after Sanjeev Kumar. From Mere Apne in 1971 to Lekin in 1990, VK did his best work in Gulzar’s cinema. Achanak remains unique, and not only because it had no songs. But because it was a flab-fee plot about an army man who kills his unfaithful wife and best friend then flees captivity to immerse her mangalsutra in the Ganga. The story moved at a breakneck speed and VK was relentlessly brilliant, propelling his character far away from overt sentimentality, rooting his character’s betrayal into a deep hurt rather than a wounded pride. Vinod Khanna considered this to be his best performance. Incidentally not many know this but Gulzar Saab and Vinod Khanna also had the opportunity to work together as actors. It was a historical film called Jallianwala Bagh directed by one Balraj Tah in 1977 shot in London where Gulzar Saab got another opportunity to bond with Vinod Khanna.It was an ensemble cast that also featured father and son Balraj and Parikshit Sahni. Gulzar Saab faced the camera for the first time , and Vinod Khanna was a big help.

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